Woohoo! Playbill B'Way Collection Year 1988 Complete


Break out the champagne!
(erm red wine...don't have any champagne)

I made a goal to get every playbill from one year, Broadway 1988. I though this would take a very long time. As of today, that goal is complete. I am so excited about this. Yeah, they're just playbills, but still.  The very first year Phantom opened on Broadway, and now that cast list is complete. 

Link: Broadway Playbills


September 2, 2013 Update

New update. London Playbills have been updated. Anything in green and bold text is new.

March 20th, 2013

Yeah, so I've let this place go for a few years. Life kinda gets in the way. Layoffs, moving, depression, other health issues...now all in the past. So I'm trying to update stuff.

Added a new section under OnStage. Called Playbills. Based on my collection, only. I'm typing out the casts, including any inserts, or autographs I may have acquired on them. The goal is to have images of all the playbills, and, at least for the US casts, the page with all the head shots on them.  So far I'm working on the finishing touches of the 2nd US National Tour. What's completed, except for the images, are the West End, UK Tour, Broadway & 1st National Tour.

Another section under OnStage is going to be a list of the cities the US tour stopped in, for how long, and any interesting factoids I found out about the tour when it was coming to that city. The early days of the US tour were the most fun to read about in the press. They were so excited. Had tons of newspaper articles, pictures ads. As the new century began, and the tour had been around a while, the articles become "meh, Phantom's back. Same old, same old." Highly amusing stuff.

August 31, 2013 Updates

Updated new playbills in the Broadway section. They're all in green and bold.

In the next week I'll be receiving the last two Broadway playbills I'm missing for the year 1988, so that year will be complete. That was always one of my goals to have all the playbills for that year. For the rest of the years under Broadway, I am aiming for 6 months' worth.

Every other section my goal is just one per year, since they're harder to get.


What I'm up to ATM....

In the process of transferring over data from this site to my local test site. It's taking forever...Ugh. Looking over the links on here and have discovered a lot of out of date and missing sites. I'll go through them and find copies from archive.org. (already found a few) When Geocities went down it erased quite a bit. But there seems to be an archive of the sites at www.geocities.ws. Found a few sites, plus a few other ones I didn't know about. They'll be added in to the new look with Joomla 1.6 (which isn't compatible with anything on this sever at the moment)