Phantom of the Opera - Children's/Young Adult Titles

Auch, Mary Jane
Bantam of the Opera
ISBN: 0-82341-312-8
Holiday House; 1st ed edition
In print

Blount Christian, Mary
Phantom of the Operetta The Determined Detective
ASIN: 0-52544-272-3 (1986)
Penguin USA
Out of print

Brumpton, Keith
The Peeping Duck Gang Investigates The Phantom of the Opera
ISBN: 0-75000-254-9 (1990)
Hodder Wayland
Out of print. Try for a used copy

de Brunhoff, Jean/Laurent
Babar, The Phantom, Illustrations by Van Gool-Lefevre-Loiseaux
ISBN: 0-517-051966 (1990)
Twin Books, UK
Out of print

Dadey, Debbie/Marcia Thornton Jones,
illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Phantoms Don't Drive Sportscars (The Adventures of the Bailey Schoolkids #32)
ISBN: 0-590-18982-4 (1998)
Schoolastic Inc
In print

Dalmation Press
Glow Crayon Book to Color: The Fashion Phantom (Scooby-Doo)
ISBN: 1-403-70335-3 (2003)
Dalmation Press
Out of print.

Dickens, Doris, Edited and Abridged by,
illustrations by Wayne Anderson

The Phantom of the Opera
ISBN: 0-00-692993-1 (1989)
Out of print. Can find a used copy at

Erwin, Vicki
Scooby-Doo! and You: The Case of the Theater Phantom (A Collect the Clues Mystery)
ISBN: 0439217539 (2000)
Scholastic Inc. School Market Edition
Out of print.

Francis, Pauline, illustrated by Steve Caldwell (Fast Track Classics)
The Phantom of the Opera, A Horror Classic
ISBN: 0-237-52690-5 (2005)
Evans Brothers Limited
In Print. Try
The drawings are simple line drawings in the book. And they're based off the movie looks. On the plus side, the artist gave Raoul short dark hair, instead of Wilson's long locks.

Gantt, Leticia
Phantom of the Video Store (Wishbone Mysteries)
ISBN: 1570645876 (1999)
Big Red Chair Books
Out of print
The holiday season is getting closer, and Joe Talbot is finding himself short on cash. When luck leads him to a job at the local video store, he thinks his problems are solved. But almost as soon as Joe begins to work, a mysterious person starts to tamper with the most popular rental movies, actually changing the films and inserting strange footage of people in Oakdale. At first, the pranks seem like nothing more than a practical joke. Then, the phantom filmmaker's games start to threaten the video store's business. It's now up to Joe, Wishbone "TM", and their friends to stop this video vandal before things really unravel!

Globe Fearon
The Phantom of the Opera (Pacemaker Classics)
ISBN: 0-83590-981-6 (1999)
Globe Fearon
Out of print

Howe, James
A Night without Stars
ISBN: 0-68980-832-1 (1996)
In print
Maria Tirone is frightened. She's in the hospital, about to undergo open heart surgery. And no one -- not her friends, not her family, not even her doctors -- can tell her what to expect. Then she meets Donald, badly disfigured in a fire years before. The other kids in the hospital call him Monster Man, and tell Maria to stay away from him. But Maria sees the human being hidden behind Donald's scars and his bitterness, and finds in him what she needs most of all -- answers to her questions, and a friend.

Katz, Fred E.
The Phantom of Phys Ed.(Spine Chillers Series , No 5)
ISBN: 0785274979 (1996)
W Pub Group
Out of print

Kraus, Robert
Phantom of Creepy Hollow: A Mummy Dearest Creepy Hollow Whoooooooodunnit
ISBN: 1557820600 (1988)
Warner Juvenile Books
Out of print
Mummy succeeds in cornering the Phantom of the Opry and revealing his secret identity.

Leroux, Gaston

  • The Phantom of the Opera (Penguin Readers, Level 5)
    ISBN: 0-582-50502-X (2002)
    Pearson ESL; 1st edition
    In print.
  • The Phantom Of The Opera (Great Illustrated Classics)
    Shannon Donnelly, Robert Schoolcraft (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 1-596-79248-5 (2005)
    Abdo Publishing Company
    In print.
  • The Phantom Of The Opera Beginner Pack
    ISBN: 1405076348 (2005)
    Macmillan ELT
    In Print. Try

Lloyd Webber, Andrew
The Phantom of the Opera pop-up book, based on Maria Bjornson's stage designs
ISBN: 0-06-016012-8 (1988)
Harper & Row Publishers
Out of print

Mckinley, Robin

  • Beauty
    ISBN: 0-06440-477-3 (1993)
    HarperCollins Children's Books
    In print
  • Rose Daughter
    ISBN: 0-44100-583-7 (1998)
    In print

McMullan, Kate, adaptation of Gaston Leroux, illustrated by Paul Jennis

  • The Phantom of the Opera (Bullseye Chiller)
    ISBN: 0-394-83847-5 (1989)
    Random House
    In print
  • The Phantom of the Opera (Step Up Classic Chillers)
    ISBN: 0-394-83847-5 (1989)
    Random House
    In print
  • The Phantom of the Opera (A Stepping Stone Book Classic)
    ISBN: 0-394-83847-5 (1989)
    Random House Books for Young Readers
    In print

Morris, Gilbert
Phantom of the Circus (Ozark Adventure #3)
ISBN: 0-84235-097-7(1994)
Tyndale House Publishers
Out of print

Neumeyer, Peter F.
The Phantom of the Opera, Illustrations by Don Weller
ISBN: 0-87905-330-5 (1988)
Gibbs Smith Publisher
Out of print

Pascal, Francine
Kiss of the Vampire (Sweet Valley University(R))
ISBN: 0553566903 (1995)
Sweet Valleyr
Out of print

Pinkwater, Daniel Manus
The Phantom of the Lunch Wagon
ISBN: 0027746410 (1992)
Atheneum; 1st ed edition
Out of print

Rex, Adam
Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich
ISBN: 0-152-05766-8 (2006)
Harcourt Children's Books
In print
Really not about the Phantom of the Opera, but has a bit about him Here's what happens (Heck I wanna read this just to find out his alternate career.):
"The Phantom of the Opera bemoans the fact that he can no longer compose arias because he cant get catchy tunes out of his head (Its a small world after all./Angry cursing fills the hall./Now hes crawling up the wall./Its a small, small world). He eventually considers an alternate career."

Schier, Norma
Demon of the Opera A Solve-it-Yourself Mystery #57
ISBN: 0890836205 (1980)
Zebra Out of print.
This is a 'choose your own adventure' type book.

Steiner, Barbara

  • The Dance (Dark Chronicles, No 1)
    ASIN: 0-38077-441-0 (1995)
    William Morrow & Company, Inc.
    Out of print
  • The Gallery (Dark Chronicles, Book 2)
    ASIN: 0-38077-689-8 (1995)
    William Morrow & Company, Inc.
    Out of print
  • The Calling (Dark Chronicles, No 3)
    ASIN: 0-38077-994-3 (1995)
    William Morrow & Company, Inc.
    Out of print

Stine, RL
Phantom of the Auditorium
ASIN: 0-59048-354-4 (1995)
Out of print

Tankersley Cusick, Richie
The Mall
ISBN: 0-67170-958-5 (1992)
Simon & Schuster Children's
Out of print

Thorne, Ian
Phantom of the Opera (Crestwood House Monster Series)
ASIN: 0-89686-309-3 (1987)
Silver Burdett Pr
Out of print

Weinberg, Larry/Art Ruiz
Phantom of the Opera (Official Universal Studios Monsters)
ASIN: 0-30722-334-5 (1993)
Golden Books
Out of print

Weiss, Ellen
Phantom of the Muppet Theater
ASIN: 0-83176-151-2 (1991)
Popular Culture Ink
Out of print

Wenzel, Angela
Dance Like a Butterfly: Adventures in Art
ISBN: 3791327364 (2002)
Prestel Publishing
In print

Wolfe, Chris Anne
Roses and Thorns: Beauty and the Beast Retold
ISBN: 1-88638-364-2 (2000)
Windstorm Creative Ltd
In print

Wood, David
The Phantom of the Cat Opera, Illustrated by Peter Day
ISBN: 0-8230-4018-6 (2001)
Watson-Guptill Publications
In print

Zach, Cheryl
The Phantom of the Roxy (Mind over Matter #2)
ASIN: 0-38078-353-3 (1997)
Harpercollins Childrens Books
Out of print

Children's Anthologies

Dead Good Read: Classic Tales of Mystery and Horror
Reader's Digest
ISBN: 0-762-10347-7 (2001)
Reader's Digest Association, Incorporated
Out of print.
Phantom of the Opera is included in this children's book