Phantom of the Opera - Romance N-Z


Poff, Donna Lee
The Mask
ISBN: 0-84394-416-1 (1998)
Dorchester Publishing Company, Inc.
Out of print

Ranney, Karen
ISBN: 0-82175-485-8 (1996)
Kensington Publishing Corp
Out of print
From book description:
Returning from war with a scarred face that makes him believe that he is unworthy of the woman who has been faithful to him, Alex, the Earl of Cardiff, hides behind a mask and unsuccessfully attempts to deny his feelings

Rhodes, M.L.
ISBN: 1-59279-803-9 (2005)
Amber Quill Press, LLC
In print.
One can get this either as a book or can download from From what I've heard, it may be best to get the downloaded version. It's cheaper. (The story isn't that good, from all the reviews I've seen on

Riley, Eugenia
Phantom in Time
ASIN: 0-38077-158-6 (1996)
Harper Mass Market Paperback
Out of print

Ryan, Jenna
ISBN: 0-373-22173-8 (1991)
Harlequin Intrigue Edition
Out of print

Schone, Robin
The Lover (Zebra Historical Romance)
ISBN: 0758204272 (2002)
In print
I don't have the book but from what I remember, reading the description on the back of the book it seems to be about an older woman who pays a male prostitute to be with her, and he is scarred.

Stuart, Anne
Night of the Phantom (American Romance, No 398)
ASIN: 0-37316-398-3 (1991)
Out of print
Review: My first reaction seeing the cover of the book was that Joel Schumacher must have been reading Romance novels because his Phantom is right off the cover of this one! Then, I started to read it...and realized I had read it before. *headdesk* It was that forgettable. (Even the cover of it is forgettable) The author says she wrote it not long after seeing the show on Broadway because she was so fascinated with the character of the Phantom. Too bad she didn't get the depth of the ALW or the Leroux Phantom, Christine, Raoul, etc. The characters are flat, lifeless. And I cannot figure out why the heroine (if one can call her that) Megan would be drawn to this guy. (Ethan). She writes her Phantom as if he's a Vampire, yet he's not. Ethan and Meg seem to have a 'connection' that's never explained anywhere. He has kidnapped her, watches her through video cameras in her bedroom, he moves her from room-to-room each night in Ethan's maze of a house. Oh, and then we have a ghost named Joseph who is the gardner that somehow is able to contact Meg, yet Meg doesn't know he's a ghost till towards the end.
From the back of the book:
The night was his. Between dawn and dusk, Ethan Winslowe's weird mansion was as still as a crypt. Beneath its maze of gloomy corridors, its owner slept far from reach of the sun.
As night fell, and fears and phantasms rose to haunt her, Megan Carey was led down to his underground lair--to dine with a phantom she never saw, who remained a dark shape hidden among shadows.
Reputation had it that Ethan was a genius, madman and monster. And Megan was Ethan's prisoner, held fast by a threat stronger than chains...
And by a hunger to know the heat of Ethan's passion, which raged like a fire in the night.

Vale Allen, Charlotte
Night Magic
ISBN: 0-689-11884-4 (1989)
Atheneum Macmillan Publishing Company
In print, re-issued

Wilhelm, Terri Lynn
Shadow Prince
ASIN: 0-06108-551-0 (1997)
Harper Mass Paperback
Out of print

Wilson, Gayle Possible new cover to the book:
Only a Whisper (Harlequin Intrigue, No 376)
ISBN: 0373223765 (1996)
Out of print
This is possibly being reprinted. The same publisher, at least. Here's the ISBN: 0373470541. It comes out February 2006. The above image is from the newest novel till I can find one for the older novel.

Wilson, Susan
Beauty, a Novel
ISBN: 0-517-70152-9 (1996)
Crown Publishers, Inc
In print

Woodiwiss, Kathleene
A Rose in Winter
ISBN: 0-380-84400-1 (1982, 83)
Avon Books
In print
From the back of the book:
The enchanting, raven-haired daughter of the villager mayor, Erienne Flemming is the fairest bloom in her English village. And of all who desire her, she would have only one: the dashing and witty young Yankee, Christopher Seton. But a marriage for love is not to be, as Erienne is auctioned off to the highest bidder, to help pay off her irresponsible father's debts. And in the end, it is the enigmatic Lord Saxton who purchases her hand--a tragic and secretive noble who hides his scars behind mask and cloak, and who only appears to her after nightfall. Resigned to a solitary life in cold and rambling Saxton Hall, Erienne slowly learns the true nature of the stranger she calls "husband." A gentle and adoring soul, he treats his new bride with warmth and abiding tenderness. But though she valiantly longs to remain true to her elusive, mysterious spouse, Erienne feels herself irresistibly drawn to Christopher Seton's passion, his fire and his intrigue. And soon she will have to make a devastating choice: between her duty and her heart.


Ashley, Amanda (a.k.a. Madeline Baker)
After Twilight
ISBN: 0-505-52450-3 (2001)
Love Spell/Dorchester Pub. Co
In print.
Review: I was skimming this book at the bookstore, and discovered the first story by Amanda Ashley had a Phantom theme to it, even though it involved a vampire. The story in this book I believe, is the same as the one in the anthology below by Madeline Baker, because that is also called Masquerade. I was highly disappointed in this story, even though Phantom of the Opera plays a main theme throughout it. Jason Blackthorne is a 300 year old vampire who is ready to end his life because he's just miserable--no one to love, and he hates taking blood of humans to survive, until he meets Leanne, a young woman who plays a chorus girl in, none other, the musical Phantom of the Opera. Davis Gaines, Michael Pointek, and Dale Kristien are mentioned quite a bit throughout, as are Jason and Leanne's feelings about the musical. Leanne falls head over heels for Jason, and he falls for her, as well, but feels that they cannot be together because it'd be too dangerous for them...but this is a romance, so there has to be a happy ending, right? Yup. You'll just have to read it to find out what.

Baker, Madeline (also writes under Amanda Ashley)
Secrets of the Heart (Topaz Man presents)
ASIN: 0-45140-552-8 (1994)
New Amer Library
Out of print

Finch, Carol/Colleen Faulkner, Karen Ranney
After Midnight
ISBN: 0-821-76041-6 (1998)
Zebra Books
Out of print.

Herter, Lori
The Phantom of Chicago
ISBN: 0-373-48263-9 (1993)
Silhouette Books
Out of print
Review: Poorly written Phantom of the Opera knockoff. We have Crystal, the dim-witted, gorgeous heir to a fortune Chrisitne character who is engaged to 'bad boy' Tony, the Raoul character (who by the way, is not only a gold digger, but a murder and part of the Mob) Crystal is "rescued" by "Eric" our Phantom hero. He has been hiding in the tunnels under Chicago. Tall, green-eyed, dark slicked-back hair, a body that doesn't quit, wearing a white full-faced mask. And, you guessed it, not deformed at all. Eric's attributes are harped on quite a bit in this story. Eric has known Crystal since childhood. But, Crystal just. Can't. Figure. Out. Who. It. Is! Even though it's very obvious from the beginning. Eric is even shocked she can't figure it out, Leads to a very minor humourous scene between the two. But, hey. She's gorgeous, Eric's gorgeous, let's get to the sex, and live happily ever after, since this is what happens anyway.

Kurland, Lynn
To Kiss in the Shadows
ISBN: 0-51513-362-0 (2002)
Jove Books
In print
From Publisher's Weekly:
A romance between a blemished beauty and a dark arts master, provides plenty of lighthearted fun as well.

Putney, Mary Jo
A Victorian Christmas, Five Stories
The Black Beast of Bellterre
ASIN: 0-45117-442-9 (1992)
New Amer Library
Out of print