Phantom of the Opera - Fiction N-Z

Randles, Jenny
Phantoms of the Soap Operas and Other Shows
ASIN: 0-70903-713-9
Out of print.

Siciliano, Sam

The Angel of the Opera
ISBN: 1-88-3402-46-8 (1994)
Otto Penzler Books/Macmillan Publishing Co.
Out of print

Steiner, Robert
Broadway Melody of 1999
ISBN: 0-93251-166-X (1993)
Fiction Collective Two
Out of print

Fiction Anthologies

Barthelme, Donald
City Life
The Phantom of the Opera's Friend
ISBN: 0671823043 (1978)
Out of Print

Berman, Nathan
Twists of Fate
Unknown at this time

Charnas, Suzy McKee
Music of the Night
ISBN: B00005ORFK (2001)
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Greenberg, Martin/Rosalind, Editors
ISBN: 0-88677-348-2 (1989)
Daw Books, Inc
Out of print

Kaye, Marvin
Masterpieces of Terror and the Unknown
ISBN: 0-312-11026-X (1994)
St. Martin's Press
Out of print.

Preiss, Byron
Phantom of the Space Opera
The Ultimate Alien
ISBN: 0743474686 (2003)
I Books
In print.

Salinger, J.D.
The Laughing Man
Nine Stories
ISBN: 0316769509 (1991)
Little, Brown; Reprint edition
In print.
Review: I don't think this book has ever been out of print. The copy I bought back in 1991 is still the same printing being sold on On to the story. They say these stories are all fiction. If that's so, then it greatly surprises me This story is written of a memory of a 9 year old boy back in 1928. All told in first person. The author remembers every day after school going on a bus with 25 friends (or '"Commanches") to play baseball, or other sports, or go to a museum with their "Chief" the adult who drove them. The Chief loved to tell stories. Their favorite adventure stories were one that featured a character the Chief called the "The Laughing Man." The Laughing Man had been born the only son to wealthy missionaries. He had been kidnapped by Chinese bandits. When the parents refused to pay the ransom to get their son back, the bandits took the baby's head, put it in a vice, turned it a few times, and deformed his head, face and mouth.
But, the story is so much more than that. It seems the adventures of the Laughing Man are directly related to a relationship the Chief is having with a woman, much to the chagrin of all the little boys. You'll need to read the story to find out what happens to the Laughing Man ;-). As I was reading the description Salinger gave for the Laughing Man, I kept picturing Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera. If this story is based on a memory of Salinger's then with the year being 1928, it wouldn't surprise me if the Chief who was telling this story was familiar with the movie that came out in 1925.

Tarchetti, Iginio Ugo
1992 Fantastic Tales
Short Story: Bouvard
ISBN: 1-56279-020-X (1992)
Mercury House
In print