Phantom of the Opera - Phantomesque Titles

The books below are ones that are similar to Phantom of the Opera. Most are Beauty and the Beast retellings, and since Phantom is a Beauty and the Beast retelling itself, I thought it a good idea to add them.

This page is getting pretty long, so I'm going to categorize these, but keep them all on the same page. They will be listed in the same order as the 'books' section is. Click on the genre you want, and you'll be brought down to the portion of the page where those books are listed.

Children's/Young Adult Versions

Children's/Young Adult Versions

Bellairs, John; Brad Strickland: Edward Gorey
The Doom of the Haunted Opera: A Lewis Barnavelt Book
ISBN: 0-140-37657-7 (1998)
Out of print.

Cohen, Barbara
Roses (Point)
ASIN: 0590336029 (1985)
Scholastic Paperbacks
Out of print
When her father steals a rare rose from a florist shop, Isabel is pressed into employment there as payment to the hideously deformed owner.

Brett, Jan
Beauty and the Beast
ISBN: 0-89919-497-4 (1989)
Clarion Books
In print

Keene, Carolyn
Intrigue at the Grand Opera
ISBN: 0-68985-560-5 (2003)
In print

Mayer, Marianna
Beauty and the Beast
ISBN: 1587170175 (2000)
SeaStar Books
In print

McDaniels, Lurlene
I'll Be Seeing You
ISBN: 0553567187(1996)
Laurel Leaf
In print

Selznick, Brian
The Boy of a Thousand Faces
ISBN: 0064410803 (2001)
HarperTrophy; Reprint edition
In print
A young boy dreams of being like his hero, Lon Chaney. He transforms his face with make up and tape, then takes photos of it. He's an expert on monsters. Rumours of a beast start being circulated and the young boy's expertise is called into use.

Wolfe, Chris Anne
Bitter Thorns (Muse Fairytale)
ASIN: 188638312X (1996)
Windstorm Creative Ltd
Out of print


Bayard, Taylor
Beauty and the Beast
ISBN: 9781932490176 (2005)
Anza Publishing
In print
This is a collection of 'fables.' There is a take on Beauty and the Beast.

Berg, Carol
Song of the Beast
ISBN: 0451459237 (2003)
Out of print

Block, Francesca Lia
The Rose and The Beast: Fairy Tales Retold
ISBN: 0064407454 (2001)
Joanna Cotler
In print

Boswell, Laurence
Beauty and the Beast
ISBN: 9781854593078 (1997)
Hern, Nick Books
In print.

Collignon, Jeff
Her Monster
ISBN: 1569470014 (1993)
Soho Press
In print

D'Aulnoy, Marie Catherine
Beauty and the Beast: A Creative Tale from the Collection Once upon a Time
ISBN: 9781568461298 (2000)
The Creative Company
In print
A retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Emerson, Ru
Masque: Beauty and the Beast
ASIN: 0380761947 (1990)
Harper Mass Market
Out of print
TV series tie-in novel.

Hambly, Barbara

  • Beauty and the Beast #1
    ISBN: 0-38075-795-8 (1989)
    Avon Books
    Out of print
    Novel tie-in for the Beauty and the Beast TV series (Vincent & Catherine)
  • Beauty and the Beast Song of Orpheus (Beauty and the Beast Series)
    ISBN: 0-38075-798-2 (1990)
    Morrow William & Co
    Out of print
    Novel tie-in for the Beauty and the Beast TV series (Vincent & Catherine)
  • Search the Seven Hills
    ISBN: 0-34534-438-3 (1987)
    Ballantine Books, Inc
    An historical adventure novel set in Ancient Rome

Hugo, Victor Translated by Catherine Liu 
Hunchback of Notre Dame
ISBN: 0679642579 (2002)
Modern Library
In print...always
Medieval Paris. Deformed baby taken in to live in Notre Dame. Falls in love with Esmerelda a gypsy girl. Very sad, but lovely book. Highly recommended. Make sure you get the unabridged copy though. (I hate abridged books anyway) I do not have this particular copy, but when I looked at it on amazon, it did look like it was unabridged.

Lambert, Faith
The Phantom of the Old Hospital
ISBN: Unknown (2006)
Lulu Press
In print.
I have no idea if this has anything to do with Phantom. There's no synopsis, but for now it'll stay on the list.

Lewis, C.S
Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold
ISBN: 0156904365 (1980)
Harvest Books
In print

McBain, Ed
Beauty and the Beast
ISBN: 0030621984 (1988)
Henry Holt & Co; Reissue edition
Out of print

Moore, Stephen
V for Vendetta Movie Novelization
ISBN: 1416516999 (2006)
Pocket Star
In print
Based on the movie starring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman. Has some similarities to POTO. Deformed masked man, a young woman, and what he teaches her about herself, himself and life in a totaliran type government. There's a lot more to this story, but, that's all I'm writing for now.

Napoli, Donna Jo
ISBN: 0-689835-90-6 (2002)
Simon Pulse
In print

Perez-Reverte, Arturo
The Club Dumas
ISBN: 0-679-77754-7 (1998)
Vintage; Reprint edition
In print.

Purdy, James
In a Shallow Grave
ISBN: 0872862348 (1988)
City Lights Publishers
In print

Rostand, Edmund Translated by Brian Hooker 
Cyrano de Bergerac
ISBN: 0553213601 (1959)
Bantam Classics; Reissue edition
In print
One of my favorite plays of all time. Takes place 17th Century France. Cavalier period. Cyrnao de Bergerac has a very, very large nose which, he feels, makes him very ugly. But, he's wonderful with words. He's in love with his cousin, Roxanne, but due to his facial features, he thinks she'll never have him. Enter Christopher, a young, handsome gentleman, who Roxanne is attracted to, as is Christopher to her..only he doesn't know how to speak to women, doesn't know how to write, etc etc. Cyrano and Christopher team up and win Roxanne's heart. A few movies have been made out of this wonderful play, and Steve Martin's movie, Roxanne was based on this play, as well as the movie The Truth about Cats and Dogs starring Uma Thurman and Janeane Garofalo.

Sand, George
ISBN: 1410107558 (2004)
Fredonia Books
In print

Savage, Sam
Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife
ISBN: 1-566-89181-7 (2006)
Coffee House Press
In print
This has absolutely nothing to Phantom except the name of the title character....Which is a talking rat...But the premisis of the book sounds absolutely great, so I thought I'd add it in anyway

Tarchetti, Ignio
Passion: A Novel
ISBN: 1-56279-064-1 (1994)
Mercury House
In print
This is the opposite of POTO. This time, it's a plain looking woman who is in love with a handsome man. Sondheim based his musical, Passion on the movie Passione D'Amore which was based on Tarchetti's book.

Timpanelli, Gioia
Sometimes the Soul : Two Novellas of Sicily (Vintage Contemporaries)
ISBN: 0375707220 (1999)
Vintage; 1st Vintage Contemporaries ed edition
In print
Two rich, witty novella-length fables feature women struggling to develop their artistic and intellectual voices against the colorfully rendered backdrop of traditional Sicilian households. The first novella, "A Knot of Tears (Un Gruppu di Chiantu)," is set in Palermo around the turn of the century and features Costanza, a baroness who has hidden herself away at a friend's house and turned into a virtual hermit. Her life begins to change when a parrot flies through her window and its owner, a charming, storytelling young sailor (a male Scheherezade) comes looking for the bird. Timpanelli's considerable skill as a professional storyteller shines as she effortlessly guides the reader through her nested-box narrative?each level illuminating the others in a delicate and tangled pattern that gives the story a quiet elegance.
The second novella, "Rusina, Not Quite in Love," retells the Beauty and the Beast tale, once again in a not too distant past. Poor Rusina, a landscape painter, marries rich, ugly but sensitive Sebastian to pay off her father's debts; then she finds in Sebastian both the inspiration she needs for her art and a version of love that she had not known. Despite their brevity, these tales bewitch the reader with their intelligence and warmth

Wilkins, Kim
Fallen Angel (In a downloadable version called Angel of Ruin)
ISBN: 1857983335 (2002)
Orion Pub Co
Out of print (but the ebook is in print)

Verne, Jules
Paris in the Twentieth Century: Jules Verne, The Lost Novel
ISBN: 0-345-42039-X (1997)
Del Rey; 1st. Balla edition
In print.

Yerby, Frank
The Devil’s Laughter
ASIN: B0007E011M (1953)
Dial Press
Out of print


Auerbach, Nina
Our Vampires, Ourselves
ISBN: 0226032019 (1995)
University Of Chicago Press
In print
I was doing a Phantom of the Opera search, and this book came up. Seems the author references the Phantom of the Opera quite a few times throughout the book.

Hallman, Tom
Sam: The Boy Behind the Mask
ISBN: 0399149333 (2002)
Putnam Adult
In print


Ashley, Amanda (a.k.a Madeline Baker)-Anthology
Midnight Pleasures
ISBN: 0312987625 (2003)
St Martin's Paperback
In print

Ashworth, Adele
Winter Garden
ASIN: 051512866X (2000)
Jove Books
Out of print

Baker, Jennifer
The Rose: A Novel Based On Beauty and The Beast (Once Upon a Dream)
ISBN: 0590259482 (1996)
Out of print

Baker, Nancy
A Terrible Beauty
ASIN: B000C0FWEC (1996)
Penguin Canada
Out of print

Balogh, Mary

  • Lord Carew's Bride (Signet Regency Romance)
    ASIN: 0451185528 (1995)
    Signet Book
    Out of print
  • The Secret Pearl (Signet Super Regency)
    ASIN: 0451169913 (1991)
    New Amer Library
    Out of print

Blair, Annette
An Unforgettable Rogue (Ballad Romance)
ASIN: 0821773844 (2002)
Kensington Publishing Corp
Out of print

Bretton, Barbara
The Invisible Groom (Harlequin American Romance, No 554)
ISBN: 0373165544 (1994)
Out of print
When illusionist Chase Quinn brashly challenges the longstanding curse of the Tucker mine and ends up disappearing the very day that Jenna Grey is jilted for the third time, fate takes a hand. In order to pick up the threads of his life, Chase must face the thing that he fears most-marriage-which Jenna no longer thinks highly of, along with men. Things are further complicated by the fact that Chase is invisible! Unfortunately, what begins as a promising situation quickly becomes tedious and irritating, and even Bretton's fast pace and lively style can't quite make this one come together. Bretton has written a number of well-received romances, including Tomorrow and Always, published last year in hardcover by Harlequin and now out in paperback. Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Bucheister, Patt
Night and Day (Loveswept, No 130)
ISBN: 0553217445 (1986)
Bantam Books
Out of print

Carroll, Susan
The Bride Finder
ISBN: 0449003884 (2006)
Ivy Books; 1 Mass Market Edition
Not in print yet
When reclusive, haunted Anatole St. Leger bows to fate and commands that the Bride Finder make him a match, he expects only a marriage of convenience, not a passionate love. But he reckons without the powers of the title character, his future wife's determination, or the family ghost. Beautifully vivid descriptions, captivating characters, and a magical plot with a few unexpected twists will not disappoint readers as this classic Beauty and the Beast legend takes on new, occasionally darker, dimensions. A first rate story of courage, acceptance, and the healing power of love by the author of Parker and the Gypsy (Silhouette, 1997).

Castle, Jayne
Gentle Pirate (Candlelight Ecstasy #2)
ISBN: 0440129818 (1986)
Dell Publishing Company
Out of print

Castle, Philippa
The Masked Stranger (Regency Romance)
ASIN: 0446345415 (1987)
Warner Books
Out of print

Conn, Phoebe
Captive Heart
ISBN: 0821715690 (1985)
Zebra Books
Out of print
Celiese, the lovely slave girl, gasped when her betrothed emerged from the shadows. She had been secretly sent in her mistress's place to wed the much-feared Mylan. But instead of the cruel savage she had expected, he was a magnificently handsome warrior. His cool topaz gaze unnerved her. The fire in his touch sent shivers of unfamiliar desire down her spine. And the sweet madness of his burning kiss as he trapped her within an iron embrace made her forget her past, abandon all reason, and surrender herself- if only for one night-to the pleasures of passion's fire. Mylan stared in astonishment at the woman before him. Instead of the spoiled, pampered innocent he had expected, she was a radiant silver-blonde beauty. The hot flush of her cheeks disarmed him. Gathering her into his arms, he silenced her startled protest with a slow, wanton kiss and awakened her supple flesh with tender, searching carresses. He would teach her the secrets of passion, take her to ecstasy's searing heights, and forever possess her captive heart.

Courtney, Caroline
Love Unmasked
ASIN: 0446940542 (1979)
Warner Books
Out of print

 Dannese Lux, Melika Cool
City of Lights: The Trials and Triumphs of Ilyse Charpentier
ISBN-10: 0595443508 (2007)
ISBN-13: 978-0595443505 (2007)
iUniverse, Inc.
In print
The plot seems to be very Phantom-y, although what I think is the Phantom character, Count Sergei Rakmanovich, is evil, and not deformed. It sounds like a really good read, though.

Dawson, Geralyn
Capture the Night
ISBN: 0553561766 (1993)
Out of print

Delacroix, Claire
The Beauty (Delacroix, Clair. Bride Quest)
ISBN: 0440236371 (2001)
Dell Publishing Co
In Print

Devine, Carol
The Beauty and the Beast Master (Silhouette Desire #816)
ISBN: 0373058160 (1993)
Out of print

Feather, Jane
The Silver Rose
ISBN: 9780553575248 (1997)
Bantam Books
In print
Young woman learns to love a battle-scarred lord

Feehan, Christine

  • Dark Desire (Paranormal Romance)
    ISBN: 050552354X
    Love Spell
    In print
  • Scarletti Curse (Candleglow)
    ISBN: 0-505-52421-X (2001)
    Love Spell
    In print.
  • A Very Gothic Christmas (Holiday Classics)-Anthology
    ISBN: 0743442717 (2002)
    In print

Fetzer, Amy
Taming the Beast (Silhouette Desire #1361)
ASIN: 0373763611 (2001)
Out of print

Gaffney, Patricia
Wild at Heart
ASIN: 0451205987 (2002)
New American Library
Out of print

Gabaldon, Diana
Outlander (Time-Travel Scotland)
ISBN: 0440212561 (1992)
Dell; Reissue edition
In print
In Outlander, a 600-page time-travel romance, strong-willed and sensual Claire Randall leads a double life with a husband in one century, and a lover in another. Torn between fidelity and desire, she struggles to understand the pure intent of her heart. But don't let the number of pages and the Scottish dialect scare you. It's one of the fastest reads you'll have in your library. While on her second honeymoon in the British Isles, Claire touches a boulder that hurls her back in time to the forbidden Castle Leoch with the MacKenzie clan. Not understanding the forces that brought her there, she becomes ensnared in life-threatening situations with a Scots warrior named James Fraser. But it isn't all spies and drudgery that she must endure. For amid her new surroundings and the terrors she faces, she is lured into love and passion like she's never known before. --Candy Paape

Godwin, Audrey
Shadow Lover
ISBN: 1591298008 (2003)
In print

Golon, Sergeanne
Angelique (17th C France) (a series of books..)
ISBN: 074513727X (1996)
Chivers Press Ltd
Out of print

Hale, Deborah
Beauty and the Baron
ASIN: 0373292554 (2003)
Out of print

Harbaugh, Karen
The Vampire Viscount (Signet Regency Romance)
ISBN: 0451183193 (1995)
Signet Book
Out of print

Hicks, Barbara Jean
Love Me, Love Me Not
ISBN: 1578561248 (2000)
WaterBrook Press
In print

Hilliard, Nerina
The Scars Shall Fade
ASIN: B0007K23RG (1965)
Out of print
Whoa. Wasn't expecting this cover to be so old-looking...

Hoag, Tami
Rumor Has It (Loveswept, No 304)
ISBN: 0553219553 (1988)
Out of print

Howell, Hannah
Beauty and the Beast
ASIN: 0843933240 (1992)
Leisure Books
Out of print

Ivory, Judith
ISBN: 0380786443 (1997)
In print

Jeffries, Sabrina
To Pleasure a Prince
ISBN: 9780743477710 (2005)
Pocket Books
In print

Jensen, Emma
ASIN: 0345416597 (1997)
Ivy Books
Out of print

Jones, Linda
Debuty & the Beast (Faerie Tale Romance)
ISBN: 0505524767 (2002)
Love Spell
In print

Kaiser, Janice
Wilde at Heart (Harlequin Temptation #429)
ISBN: 0373255292 (1993)
Out of print

King-Bey, Deatri
Beauty and the Beast
ISBN: 9781600430060 (2006)
Parker Publishing, LLC
In print
A female heroine who is disfigured

Kinsale, Laura
Flowers from the Storm
ISBN: 0380761327 (2003)
In print

Krinard, Susan

  • Prince of Wolves
    ISBN: 0553567756 (1994)
    Bantam; Revised edition
    In print
    Determined to confront her past and finally lay it to rest, Joelle Randall heads for the rugged Canadian Rockies to find the site of her parents' plane crash 12 years ago. What she finds, however, is a new aspect of herself and an unexpected and passionate love in the arms of the enigmatic loner Luke Gevaudan, one of the last of the legendary race of werewolves. In this debut Krinard has spun a dark, magical, and highly lyrical tale that provides a far more gentle and romantic interpretation of the werewolf mythologies than is the norm. Well written, nicely paced, and surprisingly believable, this novel may be of interest to fans of Cheri Scotch, Lori Herter, and Anne Stuart. [Krinard lives in Walnut Creek, California.] Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.
  • Prince of Shadows
    ISBN: 0553567772 (1996)
    Fanfare; Reissue edition
    In print
    Returning to her childhood haven in the Minnesota woods, wolf researcher Alexandra Warrington, facially and psychically scarred, is seeking solace and peace; what she finds instead is a dream from her past and a choice. A reluctant werewolf hero, a heroine who is stronger than she believes, and a crazed villain combine in this tale of murder and self-discovery. In returning to the uniquely drawn world of the loup-garoux seen in her initial Prince of Wolves (Bantam, 1994), Krinard has created a story that, although not quite as passionate, is tighter, features more well-developed characters, and leaves fewer unanswered questions. Fans will be waiting for this one. Krinard lives in Concord, California. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Landis, Jill Marie
Blue Moon
ASIN: 051512527X (1999)
Jove Books
Out of print

Lindsey, Johanna
Once a Princess
ISBN: 0380756250 (1991)
Avon; Reissue edition
In print
Once Upon A Time...
In a rustic Missiissippi tavern, a beautiful exiled princess was forced to dance for the pleasure of others--unaware of her regal birthright...and infuriated by a magnificent golden-eyed devil who crossed an ocean to possess her.
From A Far Off Land...
A bold and brazen prince came to America to claim his promised bride. But the spirited vixen spurned his affections while inflaming his royal blood with passion's fire...impelling virile Stefan Barany to take in sensuous and searing conquest the love Tatiana vowed never to yield.

Lynne, Victoria
With This Kiss
ASIN: 0440223342 (1999)
Dell Publishing Co.
Out of print

MacGregor, Kinley
Born in Sin
ISBN: 038081790X (2003)
Avon Books
In print

Martin, Kat
Heart of Honor
ISBN: 9780778323839 (2007)
Mira Books
In print
Young heroine encounters Leif Draugr, a powerful Viking descendant, who is imprisoned at a local sideshow attraction, she demands his release...She's attracted to him he's attracted to her...and well. you know...

McKinley, Robin
ISBN: 0425191788 (2003)
Berkley Publishing Group
In print

Medeiros, Teresa
The Bride and the Beast
ISBN: 0-55358-183-X (2001)
In print
Review: Finally got around to reading this one. It started out very promising, but fell very flat towards the end. Takes place in Ballybliss, a village in the highlands of Scotland. Year is 1761. A dragon has taken possession of a ruined castle, Castle Weyrcraig, where 15 years earlier the laird of the lands was killed by the English. The only child, Bernard MacCullough, heir to all the lands was killed too. The Dragon has been threatening the villagers if they don't do his bidding. They decide to give the Dragon a virgin sacrifice, in the form of Gwendolyn Wilder, the only virgin in the village, since the other of age girls seem to all be quite promiscuous. Turns out the Dragon is nothing more than a mortal man and a friend who are scaring everyone. And, of course Gwendolyn finds herself strangely attracted to him...and almost loses her virginity to him, but at the last moment tells him no. (That must have been painful for the poor guy). I'll stop there before I give away the big secret of the Dragons'. The Dragon, interestingly enough, is described as tall, dark long hair, emerald green eyes, a little bit of chest hair, and (of course) quite well built (all romance novel males are, as usual...haven't read one where the guy is average). This book was written before the 2004 ALW movie came out, but the description is of Gerard Butler. (I wonder if the author saw him in one of his movies before, such as Dracula 2000, or Attila).
I find I was quite disappointed at how predictable the whole book was. And, thinking this was going to be more Phantomesque than it was. It had all the makings for it, but in the end, the Dragon wasn't even deformed. *sigh* I was also quite disappointed in the heroine, Gwendolyn, her indecision, touting herself to be more intelligent and headstrong than she actually was, and succombing to the man in the end.
I am giving it three stars, though, for a good start, and I did like the author's writing, and for some of the imagery she used to describe the castle, the landscape, and London.

Myers, Helen R.
Whispers in the Woods (Silhouette Shadows #23)
ASIN: 0-373270-23-2 (1993)
In print

Quick, Amanda
ISBN: 0553293168 (1992)
In print

Randall, Boyll
ASIN: 0515103780 (1990)
Jove Books movie tie-in
Out of print

Rice, Patricia

  • The Marquess
    ASIN: 0451182790 (1997)
    Out of print
  • Love Forever After
    ASIN: 0451401921 (1990)
    New Amer Library
    Out of print

Robards, Karen
Walking After Midnight
ISBN: 0440215900 (1995)
Dell; Reissue edition
In print
While cleaning a funeral home late one night, Summer McAfee is taken hostage when a nude male body leaps off a preparing table. Over the next few days, Summer and the badly beaten, left-for-dead Steve Calhoun struggle to elude the bad guys, which include the police. Summer moves from fearing for her life to finding the love of her life. Despite skillful plot twists, humor, and clever use of a guardian ghost (Deedee, Steve's former lover), the book has a serious flaw. Although Walking is billed as a romantic thriller, Steve's initially cruel and brutal treatment of Summer is alarming. Veteran writer Robards (Maggy's Child, LJ 1/94) should know better than to perpetuate the myth that women unconsciously want to be dominated and victimized.

Ross, JoAnn
Thirty Nights (Blaze, 5)
ISBN: 0373790090 (2001)
Out of print

Rush, Mallory
Kiss of the Beast (Secret Fantasies) (Harlequin Temptation #558)
ISBN: 0373256582 (1995)
Out of print
Seems there is some...ermm...non-tradtional sex within this book..?Close to beastiality...

Ryan, Taylor
Beauty And The Beast (Harlequin Historical, No 342)
ISBN: 0373289421 (1996)
In print

Sawyer, Meryl
Half Moon Bay
ISBN: 9780821761441 (1999)
Kensington Publishing Corp
In print
Young woman who is disfigured. She's called Beauty and the Beast because half her face is beautiful the other half disfigured.

Shannon, Colleen
The Gentle Beast (Faerie Tale Romance)
ASIN: 0505521431 (1996)
Love Spell
Out of print

Stuart, Anne
Cinderman (Harlequin American Romance #525)

ISBN: 0373165250 (1994)
Out of print

Sutcliffe, Katherine
ASIN: 051511801X (1996)
Jove Books
Out of print
Sutcliffe's latest (a spin-off of Miracle) is an exemplary romance-perfect in every way. Behind it all is a Beauty-and-the- Beast plot. Desperate to escape her zealous, puritanical father, Maria Ashton takes a job as nursemaid to the Duchess of Salterdon's grandson, Trey Hawthorne. On arriving, she discovers that her charge is not a child but instead a full-grown man unable to control his speech or movements following an attack by highwaymen. In his frustration, he has fits of yelling and throwing things-which make everyone believe he is insane. Without being sanctimonious or sloppy, Maria brings sunshine, understanding and love into the tortured duke's life and pulls him back from the brink of insanity-before nearly losing him. Flawlessly plotted and written (and without relying excessively on sex), this is one of the most romantic stories in years. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Sydes, Libby
ASIN: 044022232X (1997)
Out of print

Verge, Lisa Ann
The Faery Bride
ISBN: 0821752618 (1996)
Zebra Books
Out of print

Wayne, Joanna
Behind the Veil (Moriah's Landing) (Harlequin Intrigue Series #662)
ASIN: 0373226624 (2002)
Out of print

Welfonder, Sue-Ellen
Bride of the Beast
ISBN: 0446612324 (2003)
Warner Forever
In print

Wilson, Gayle
Gambler's Heart (Harlequin Historical #299)
ASIN: 0373288999 (1995)
Out of print
I have noooo idea why, but this book, on also lists Jim Wilson as the author..??

Witton, Winifred
Masked Marquis (Harlequin Regency Romance #74)
ASIN: 0373311745 (1992)
Out of print
From the back of the book:
Being a damsel-in-distress was a dubious distinction. When a mysterious masked man rode into her life on a dancing black steed, Miss Juliana Beveridge was all agog. That he vowed to save her from a fate worse than Death, all but caused her to swoon like some silly Gothic heroine. But when he inexplicably urged her to marry the stiff-rumped Marquis of Ranceford, Juliana suffered serious misgivings about her hero in disguise!

Wright, Katrina
Masked Love (Linford Romance Library)
ISBN: 0708969917 (1991) (For large print edition)
Ulverscroft Large Print
In print
Image is from the audiobook

York, Rebecca Cool
Phantom Lover (43 Light Street, Book 25) (Harlequin Intrigue Series #706)
ISBN-10: 037322706X (2003)
ISBN-13: 978-0373227068 (2003)
Out of print
Not sure how much this is POTO related...until I read it and find out I'm gonna list it...


Asaro, Catherine
Quantum Rose (The Saga of the Skolian Empire)
ISBN: 0812568834 (2002)
Tor Science Fiction
In print

The beautiful young noblewoman Kamoj Quanta Argali rules a declining province on a distant planet that has lost the high technology of its original colonists. To save her people, Kamoj has contracted to marry Jax Ironbridge, the moody, unpredictable ruler of a prosperous land. Then a mysterious stranger from another world proposes a marriage that neither honor nor law will allow Kamoj to refuse.

Gaiman, Neil

  • Neverwhere
    ISBN: 0380789019 (1998)
    In print
    Also made into a TV miniseries by the same name
  • Mirrormask
    ISBN: 0755328299 (2005)
    Gardner Books
    out of print
    Also made into a movie by the same name...I don't know how Phantom-y this one is, but the images I've seen from it seem Phantom-y

Hambly, Barbara
ISBN: 0-34534-939-3 (1985)
Ballantine Books, Inc.
Out of print

Tessier, Thomas
ISBN: 0425080277 (1985)
Berkley Pub Group (Mm)
Out of print.
Not quite a Phantom book, a child is afraid of the monsters under his bed. No one believes him when he tells them about the monsters. He's told that they'll go away in the daylight, but now that it is daylight, the monsters are still coming after him.

Thayer, Steve
The Weatherman
ISBN: 0451184386 (1996)
Signet Books
Out of print

Weis, Margaret
The Soulforge (Dragonlance: The Raistlin Chronicles, Book 1)
ISBN: 0786913142 1999
Wizards of the Coast
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