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Aylesworth, Thomas

  • Monsters from the Movies
    ISBN: 0397314159 (1972)
    Out of print
  • Movie Monsters
    ISBN: 0397316399(1975)
    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    Out of print

Black, David
Murder at the Met: Based on the Exclusive Accounts of Detectives Mike Struk and Jerry Giorgio of How They Solved the Phantom of the Opera Case
ASIN: 0-38527-852-7 (1984)
Dial Press
Out of print

Bradley, Doug Foreward by Clive Barker
Behind the Mask of the Horror Actor
ISBN: 1-840-23807-0 (2004)
Titan Publishing Group, Limited
In print

Bucchianeri, E. A.
Compendium of Essays: Purcell, Hogarth and Handel, Beethoven, Liszt, Debussy, and Andrew Lloyd Webber
ISBN: 1403370702 (2002)
In print

Clark, Mark
Smirk, Sneer and Scream: Great Acting in Horror Cinema
ISBN: 0-786-41932-6 (2004)
McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
In print

Cocteau, Jean
Beauty and the Beast: Diary of a Film
ISBN: 0-486-22776-6 (1972)
Dover Publications; New Ed edition
In print

Davidson, Robert
Great Monsters of the Movies
ASIN: B00072ASZ8 (1978)
Jove Publications
Out of print

Davis, Tony
Stage Design: Stagecraft
ISBN: 2-880-46506-0 (2001)
Rockport Publishers
In print

Dimbley, Josceline
May and Amy: A True Story of Family, Forbidden Love, and the Secret Lives of May Gaskell, Her Daughter Amy, and Sir Edward Burne-Jones
ISBN: 0-307-33589-5 (2006)
Crown Publishing Group
In print.
This is kind of cool Josceline Dimbley spoke to Andrew Lloyd Webber about a piece in his art collection, and the author wanted to find out more about the subject. Turns out it was her great aunt Amy Gaskell.

Douglas, Drake
ISBN: 0-87951-349-7 (1992) Paperback
Overlook Press; reprint
Out of print

Edelson, Edward
Great Monsters of the Movies
ASIN: 0-38500-857-0 (1973)
Out of print

Fisher, Burton
Faust/Opera Journeys Mini Guide Series
ISBN: 1930841280 (2000)
Opera Journeys
In print

Flynn, John

  • Phantoms of the Opera, the Face Behind the Mask
    ISBN: 0-9627508-7-3 (1993)/Updated version: ISBN: 0-9769400-4-3 (2006)
    Image Pubishing/Galactic Books
    Out of Print/In print
    The newest version has been updated, and is in a smaller format than the older one. The cover is sthe same as the older one. There are errors in it, according to some Phantom fans, such as the image from the Phantom of Hollywood, and some of the descriptions. Most of this information can be found on the internet nowadays(like this site for example), but I like that it is in a book format. I can (and do) forgive the errors.

  • 50 Years of Hammer Horror
    ISBN: 9780976940081 (2007)
    Galactic Books
    In print

Friedrich, Ina
Musical Fuhrer, Uber 200 Musicals und Operetten auf einen Blick
ISBN: 3-85049-523-X (1998)
In print

Gilman, Sander L.
Health and Illness: Images of Difference
ISBN: 0-948-46269-8 (2004)
Reaktion Books, Limited
In print
This book says Erik had syphillis...?

Gerhard, Anselm
Urbanization of Opera, Music Theatre in Paris in the 19th Century
ISBN: 0-22628-858-7 (2000)
University of Chicago Press
In print

Goodwin, John (Editor)
British Theatre Design, the Modern Age
ISBN: 0-297-83070-8 (1989)
Weidenfeld & Nicholson
Out of print

Harris, Andrew B.
The Performing Set: The Broadway Designs of William And Jean Eckart
ISBN: 1-574-41212-4 (2006)
University of North Texas Press
In print
Found this book for $3 at a book sale at work. Yay!

Heitor, Villa-Lobos
Ekm #213 - Phantom of the Opera - Andrew Lloyd Webber
ISBN: 0-793-52214-5 (1990)
Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
Out of print.

Holge, Jerrold
The Undergrounds of the Phantom of the Opera: Sublimation and the Gothic in Leroux's Novel and its Progeny
ISBN: 0-31229-346-1 (2002)
Palgrave Macmillan
In print

Ingham, Mark
The Prose Fiction Stage Adaptation As Social Allegory In Contemporary British Drama: Staging Fictions (Studies in Theatre Arts, V. 26)
ISBN: 0-773-46356-9 (2004)
Edwin Mellen Pr.
In print.
The author uses some of ALW's musicals to explain increased popularity of stage adaptions in the 1980s and 1990s. The books is kind of pricy. Around $120.00

Lloyd Webber, Andrew
The Phantom of the Opera, Music
ISBN: 0-88188-615-7
Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
In print

Lloyd Webber, Andrew
The Phantom of the Opera - piano vocal Selections
ISBN: 0-634-09909-4 (2005)
Hal Leonard Corporation
In print.

Lloyd Webber, Andrew
The Phantom of the Opera: Includes Material from the Blockbuster Movie
ISBN: 1-423-40008-9 (2005)
Hal Leonard Corporation
In print.

Lloyd Webber, Andrew
95. The Phantom of the Opera - Movie Selections
ISBN: 1-423-40583-8 (2005)
Hal Leonard Corporation
In print.

Lloyd Webber, Andrew/Joel Schumacher
The Phantom Of The Opera Companion
ISBN: 1-862-05691-9 (2004)
Pavilion Books
In print.

Lloyd Webber, Andrew
Performance and Performativity in German Cultural Studies, Vol. 14
ISBN: 0820469602 (2003)
Lang, Peter Publishing, Incorporated
In print
Don't know if it's the same Lloyd Webber, but I'm adding it since it has his name, and I cannot find any more info out on it.

Milano, Roy
Monsters: A Celebration of the Classics from Universal Studios
ISBN: 9780345486851(2006)
Random House Publishing Group
In print

Morley, Sheridan/Ruth Leon
Hey, Mr. Producer!: The Musical World of Cameron Mackintosh
ASIN: 0823088162 (1998)
Watson-Guptill Publications
Out of print

Muir, John Kenneth
Singing a New Tune: The Rebirth of the Modern Film Musical from Evita to de-Lovely and Beyond
ISBN: 1-557-83610-8 (2005)
Applause Theatre Book Publishers
In print

Perry, George
The Complete Phantom of the Opera
ISBN: 0-8050-0657-5 (1987)
Henry Holt and Company, Inc
In print

Richmond, Keith
The Musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber
ISBN: 1-85227-557-X (1995)
Virgin Publishing
Out of print

Riley, Philip J
The Phantom of the Opera, Classic Silents, Vol I
ISBN: 1-88-2127-33-1 (1999)
MagicImage Filmbooks
In print

Royston, Peter
Cameron Mackintosh and The Really Useful Theatre Company, Inc. present The Phantom of the Opera
ASIN: B-000-735IX-4 (1986)
Out of print.
I believe this is the study guide that shows up on every once in a while.

Sampson, Robert
Deadly Excitements: Shadows and Phantoms
ISBN: 0879724501 (1989)
University of Wisconsin Press
Out of print

Schneider, Kirk J.
Horror and the Holy: Wisdom-Teachings of the Monster Tale
ISBN:9780812692242 (1993)
Open Court Publishing Company
In print

Schneider, Steven Jay (foreward)
Fear Without Frontiers: Horror Cinema Across the Globe
ISBN: 1-903-25415-9 (2003)
Fab Press
Out of print.

Uféras, Gérard
Un fantôme à l'Opéra
ISBN: 2909450856 (2002)
In print. You can get it from

Ursini, James; Dominique Mainon
The Cinema of Obsession: Erotic Fixation and Love Gone Wrong on Film
ISBN: 9780879103477 (2007)
Limelight Editions
In print
Traces the history of obsessive love and erotic fixaiton in film. Sounds fascinating!

Vickers, Hugh
Great Operatic Disasters
ISBN: 0-31234-634-4 (1985)
St. Martin's Press; Reprint edition
In print.
Not much to do with POTO, but does deal with opera disasters. "Disasters beyond your imagination." Thought this could be a fun read for some people.

Viagas, Robert

  • The Playbill Broadway Yearbook: June 1, 2004 - May 31, 2005 (Playbill Broadway Yearbook)
    ISBN: 1-557-83682-5 (2005)
    Playbill Books
    In print

  • The Playbill Broadway Yearbook: June 1, 2005 - May 31, 2006, Second Annual Edition (Playbill Broadway Yearbook)
    ISBN: 1-557-83718-X (2006)
    Playbill Books
    In print

  • The Playbill Broadway Yearbook: June 2006-May 2007: Third Annual Edition (Playbill Broadway Yearbook)
    ISBN: 1-557-83732-5 (2007)
    Playbill Books
    In print

Willis, John
Theatre World 1987-1988
ASIN: 0517572133 (1989)
Random House Inc.
Out of print

The Phantom Photo Collection (オペラ座の怪人―完全保存版, 角川書店)
ISBN: 4-0485-1111-4; (1996/02)
Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd
In print.
You can get it from Here is the link to the page: Phantom Photo Collection, since it is difficult to find if you don't know Japanese (I don't know it, but I did copy and paste the Japanese title here). The book is full of gorgeous photos of the Japanese production. Comes in hard back.