Phantom of the Opera - Paris History & Art

This page hosts books that deal with the time-period of the Phantom of the Opera. Mainly, 1870s to the early 1900s. Mostly books on architecture, and artists, right now.

Asleson, Robyn
Pre-Raphaelite and Other Masters : The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection
ISBN: 1-903-97339-2 (2003)
Royal Academy Books
In print.

Bade, Patrick
Degas, The Masterworks
ISBN: 0-517-05378-0 (1991)
Portland House
Out of print

 Bennet, Guy-PierreCool
Paris City of Light and Fascination
ISBN: 13: 978-1-4351-0031-2 (2007)
ISBN: 10: 1-4351-0031-X (2007)
Barnes and Noble Inc.
In print

Bertrand, Lemoine
Architecture in France 1800-1900
ISBN: 0-8109-4090-6 (1998)
Harry N Abrams
In print

Christiansen, Rupert
Paris Babylon: The Story of the Paris Commune
ISBN: 0140129804 (1996)
Penguin Books; Reprint edition
In print

Carandente, Giovanni
ISBN: 0-517-27790-5 (1979)
Avenel Books
Out of print

Carlson-Reddig, Thomas
An Architect's Paris
ISBN: 0-8212-1953-7 (1993)
Bullfinch Press Book
Out of print

Caudill, David Stanley
The French revolution as phantom of the opera
ASIN: B-000-6P34I-O (1991)
Out of print
I have no idea if this has any relation to the Phantom of the Opera or not. I just found it on a search.

Clancy, Judith
Paris Alive
ISBN: 0-912-18406-X (1986)
Synergistic Press; Bilingual edition
In print.

Devonyar, Jill/Richard Kendall
Degas and the Dance
ISBN: 0810932822 (2002)
Harry N Abrams
In print

Degas' Drawings, 100 Illustrations, Including 8 In Color
ISBN: 0-486-21233-5 (1973)
Dover Publications
In print

Degas Postcards
ISBN: 0-449-90421-0 (1989)
Fawcett Columbine Book
Out of print

Ellis, Katharine
Music Criticism in Nineteenth-Century France: La Revue et gazette musicale de Paris 1834-80
ISBN: 0-521-45443-3 (1995)
Cambridge University Press
In print.

Forge, Andrew/Robert Gordon
ISBN: 0810981076 (1996)
Harry N Abrams; Reprint edition
In print

Gautrand, Jean-Claude
Photographer's Paris
ISBN: 0-88029-502-3 (1990)
Dorset Press
In print

Haine, W. Scott
The World of the Paris Café : Sociability among the French Working Class, 1789-1914
ISBN: 0-801-86070-9 (1998)
The Johns Hopkins University Press
In print.

Harvey, David
Paris, Capital of Modernity
ISBN: 0-415-94421-X (2003)
In print.

Hemmings, Frederic William John

  • The Theatre Industry in Nineteenth-Century France
    ISBN: 0-521-44142-0 (1993)
    Cambridge University Press
    In print.
  • Theatre and State in France, 1760-1905
    ISBN: 0-521-45088-8 (1994)
    Cambridge University Press
    Out of print.

Höfer, Candida
Candida Höfer: Paris Opera
ISBN: 9783829602303 (2006)
Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH
In print
Looks like a gorgeous picture book of the Palais Garnier.

Horne, Alistair

  • The fall of Paris: The Siege and the Commune, 1870-71
    ISBN: 0330490362 (2002)
    Pan Macmillan
    In print
  • The Terrible Year: The Paris Commune, 1871
    ISBN: 1842127594 (2004)
    Orion Pub Co
    Out of print
  • Seven Ages of Paris
    ISBN: 1400034469 (2004)
    In print
  • La Belle France: A Short History
    ISBN: 1400041406 (2005)
    In print

Hovey, Tamara
Paris Underground
ISBN: 0-531-05931-6  (1991) hardback; Paperback ed: ISBN: 0-531-08531-7
Orchard Books
Out of print

Humphrey, Stephen, Foreward by Andrew Lloyd Webber, photos by James Morris
Churches and Cathedrals of London
ASIN: 0658017241 (2001)
McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books
Out of print
I'm only adding this because Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the foreward to the book. Has nothing to do with Paris, (but does deal with architecture)

 Jigourel, Thierry; Milena Ercole Pozzi; Silvana RizziCool
The Best of France: Paris, Castles of Loire, Brittany and Provence
ISBN: 0-7607-7822-1 (2005)
Barnes and Noble Inc.
In print.

Johnson, James
Listening in Paris: A Cultural History
ISBN: 0520206487 (1996)
University of California Press
In print

Krase, Andreas (edited by Hans Christian Adam)

  • Paris Eugene Atget 1857-1927
    ISBN: 3-8228-6215-0 (2000)
    Out of print
  • Atget's Paris (Same as the above book, but a mini-sized one) 
    ISBN: 3-8228-5549-9 (2001)
    In print

Lloyd Webber, Andrew
Henri Labrouste: 1801-1875
ISBN: 8843596349 (2002)
Out of print
Strange. Didn't know Lloyd Webber wrote a book. Henri Labrouste was a French architect. Here's a website that gives a bit of info on Labrouste: Henry Labrouste.

Lesnikowski, Wojciech
The New French Architecture
ISBN: 0-8478-1265-0 (1990)
Out of print

Louer, Francois (translated by Charles Lynn Clark)
Paris Nineteenth Century; Architecture & Urbanism
ISBN: 0-89659-885-3 (1988)
Abbeville Press publishers
Out of print

Magraw, Roger
France 1800-1914: A Social History
ISBN: 0-582-22816-6 (2003)
Longman; 1st edition
In print.

Maupassant, Douglas Parmee
ISBN: 0-14044-315-0 (1975)
Penguin Classics; New Ed edition
In print.
On a recommendation, this book gives an idea of how people lived back in the late 18th century.

Morand, Paul (Introduction) 
Brassai, Paris by Night
ISBN: 0-394-56327-1 (1987)
Pantheon Books
Out of print

Neal, James
Architecture A Visual History
ISBN: 0-7607-5519-1 (1999)
PRC Publishing LTD
Out of print

Perouse de Montclos, Jean-Marie
Paris, City of Art
ISBN: 0865652260 (2003)
Vendome Press
In print

Ravise, J. Suzanne
ISBN: 0-8442-1273-3 (1994)
National Textbook Company
In print

Russell, John
ISBN: 0-8109-8090-8 (1983)
Abradale Press
Out of print

Seigel, Jerrold
Bohemian Paris : Culture, Politics, and the Boundaries of Bourgeois Life, 1830-1930
ISBN: 0-801-86063-6 (1999)
The Johns Hopkins University Press; Johns Hopkins paperback ed.
In print.

Spies, Andre
Opera, State and Society in the Third Republic, 1875-1914 (Studies in Modern European History, Vol. 23.)
ISBN: 0820436968 (1998)
Peter Lang Publishing
In print

Stallabrass, Julian
Paris Pictured
ISBN: 0-8109-6640-9 (2002)
Thames & Hudson LTD, London
In print

Thompson, Victoria E.
The Virtuous Marketplace : Women and Men, Money and Politics in Paris, 1830--1870 (118th Series (2000), no. 2)
ISBN: 0-801-86414-3 (2000)
The Johns Hopkins University Press
In print.

Warwo, Geoffrey
The Franco-Prussian War : The German Conquest of France in 1870-1871
ISBN: 0521584361 (2003)
Cambridge University Press
In print

Werner, Alfred
Degas Pastels
ISBN: 0-8230-1276-X (1977)
Watson-Guptill Publications
In print

Zola, Emile
ISBN: 0-14044-263-4 (1972)
Penguin Classics
In print
This book, on a recommendation, gives a good idea of what Paresian life was like during the late 1860s early 1870s.