Phantom of the Opera - The Palais Garnier

L'Aventurine Staff
ISBN: 2-914-19935-X (2003)
In print.
Section includes architecture on the Paris Opera House

Beauvert, Thierry
Opera Houses of the World
ISBN: 0-86565-978-8 (1987) or 0-86565-977-X (1986)
St. Martin's Press
Out of print

Draper, Paul, Trewin Copplestone
Behind Facades
ISBN: 0-02-860431-8 (1995)
Macmillan USA
Out of print

du Montcel, Benedicte Tezenas
Opera de Paris: Un Siecle au Palas Garnier
ISBN: 2-86404-075-1 (2000)
L'Instant Durable
Out of print on the US site, but, you can get it from

Fontaine, Gerard

  • Visages de marbre et d'airain: La collection de bustes du Palais Gariner, Photos by Jean-Pierre Delagarde
    ISBN: 2-85822-751-9 (2003)
    In print. You can get it from
  • Palais Garnier, le Fantasme de L'Opera, Photos by Laurence Meyer, DR & Francoise Masson
    ISBN: 2-911606-35-3 (1999)
    Editions Noesis
    In print. You can get it from
  • Charles Garnier's Opera Architecture and Exterior Decor, Photos by Jean-Pierre Delagarde and Jacques Moatti
    ISBN: 2-85822-581-8 (2000)
    Editions du Patrimoine, Paris
    In print. You can get it from
    Review: This book comes in different translations. For obvious reasons, I have the English translation. Anything by Moatti and Fontaine is highly recommended to have. This is mainly about the exterior of the Palais Garnier, and goes into detail about the restoration of the building.
  • L'Opéra de Charles Garnier : Architecture et décor intérieur
    ISBN: 2858228000 (2004)
    In print. You can get it from
    Review: I did a quick scan of this book. Takes an in-depth look at the interiors of the Palais Garnier. All in French. Amazing book. Gorgeous photographs! Highly recommended!
  • Le grand théâtre national de Pékin: Comment réussir un opéra de Charles Garnier à Paul Andrieu
    ISBN: 2914645090 (2003)
    Agnès Viénot Editions
    In print. You can get it from

Franck, Martine/Nathalie Darbellay
Operas: Le Chatelet, Opera Comique, Palais Garnier
ISBN: 2-879-00596-5 (2002)
Paris Musees
Out of print.

Garnier, Charles
Le Theatre
ISBN: 2-86869-530-2 (1990)
Le Temps du Theatre
In print. You can get it from

Hanoteau, Jean-William
Paris Opera House: Scale Architectual Paper Model
ASIN: 0-87905-438-7 (1989)
Gibbs Smith Publisher
In print

Hardin, Terri
Theatres & Opera Houses, Masterpieces of Architecture
ISBN: 1-57717-145-4 (1999)
Todtri Productions, LTD
In print

Kahane, Martine/Delphine Pinasa, photographs by Jacques Moatti
Le Tutu; petit guide
Flammarion (1997)
In print. You can get it from

Kaldor, Andras

  • Great Opera Houses: Masterpieces of Architecture (Masterpieces of Architecture)
    ISBN: 1-85149-363-8 (2002)
    Antique Collectors' Club
    In print

  • Opera Houses of Europe
    ISBN:9781851492480 (1997)
    Antique Collector's Club
    Out of print.
    I think this is a calendar, and not a book...

Lassaigne, Jacques
Le Plafond de L'Opera de Paris par Marc Chagall
Andre Sauret (1965)
Out of print.
Very expensive book. Has lithographs of the ceiling, and close-ups of the work. If you can find one complete with all artwork intact, the cost starts at $200 and goes anywhere up to $1300. Sometimes you can find a pretty decent copy for about $100. There are supposed to be 6 or 7 lithos in it. The cheaper ones usually only have one, of the Paris Opera ceiling

Mead, Christopher Curtis
Charles Garnier's Paris Opera
ISBN: 0-262-13275-3 (1991)
MIT Press
In print. You can order it at The cost is around $90 or so

Moatti, Jacques (photos), Martine Kahane & Thierry Beauvert

  • L'Opera de Paris ; Palais Garnier
    ISBN: 2-87660-004-8 (1987)
    Adam Biro
    Out of print
  • The Paris Opera (Translation of same book) 
    ISBN: 0-86565-092-6 (1988)
    The Vendome Press
    Out of print
  • The Palais Garnier Guide book 
    Only can buy at the Palais Garnier

Pasternak, Judith Mahoney
Timeless Places: Paris
ISBN: 0-7607-4520-X (2000)
Michael Friedman Publishing
Out of print

Sachs, Edwin
Modern Opera Houses and Theatres Volume II
ISBN: 0405089066 (1968)
Ayer Co Pub
Out of print. I've tried to order it on a few times, but the publisher seems to be out of stock all the time. I've tried getting a used copy, but those seem to go for somewhere between $400-$1000+.  When in college, I made copies of all the pages referring to the Palais Garnier, only, and they are amazingly beautiful and detailed.

 Uferas, GerardCool
In the Company of Stars: The Paris Opera Ballet
ISBN-10: 2080300008 (2007)
ISBN-13: 978-2080300003 (2007)
In print