Phantom of the Opera - Science Fiction & Fantasy


Anthony, Piers
Castle Rogna (Magic of Xanth #3)
ISBN: 0-34535-048-0 (1979)
Ballantine book_images, Inc.
In print

Dicks, Terrence
Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani (Target Doctor Who Library, No. 92)
ASIN: 0426199596 (1992)
Carol Publishing Corporation
Out of print

Donaldson, Stephen

  • Mirror of Her Dreams
    ISBN: 0-034545-985-7 (2003)
    Random House Publishing Group
    In print
  • A Man Rides Through
    ISBN: 0-34545-984-9 (2003)
    Random House Publishing Group
    In print
  • Harris, Charlaine
    Dead to the World
    ISBN: 0-44101-167-5 (2004)
    Ace book_images
    In print
    Part IV of a series of book_images called the Southern Vampires. The heroine is names Sookie Stackhouse. I've not read it, yet, but what caught my attention is the vampire in this novel is named 'Eric' and after reading the flap of the book, it seemed to have a Phantomesque quality to it.

    Hamilton, Laurell
    Guilty Pleasures
    ISBN: 0-51513-449-X (2002)
    In print

    Lackey, Mercedes
    The Fire Rose
    ISBN: 0-67187-750-X (1996)
    Baen book_images
    In print

    Pratchett, Terry
    Maskerade : A Novel of Discworld
    ISBN: 006105691X  (1998)
    In print
    A spoof on the Phantom of the Opera story. I just cannot seem to get into this book. I've tried to read it more than once, and it just isn't interesting to me.