Phantom of the Opera - Collectibles - Plates & Boxes


Plate Chicago Memphis TN 1997 Franklin Mint Musical Plate
Collectible plate from a special Phantom conference at the Hilton, Chicago, July 1991. Menu is written on the plate. Masquerade Ball Dinner from Memphis, TN, November 15th, 1997. Found on Ebay. Franklin Mint musical plate. They also make a non-musical plate. Please see the Music Boxes page for other Franklin Mint products. Can be now found on Ebay
Enesco Mini Plate
Enesco mini-plate. Found on Ebay.

Boxes and Pill Boxes

Decoupage Phantom Box Pill Box by Enesco Theatre Collection
Hand-made Decoupage Phantom box. Found on Ebay Small Pill box by Enesco found on Ebay The Theatre Collection found on Ebay, but I believe the RUG store is also selling these.
Special Tour Box SFMB Box Coaster Box
Special medium-sized box from the Tour. October 1-November 5, 1994. Found on Ebay San Francisco Music Box Comapny medium sized box with interior decoration. Found on Ebay This box usually holds coasters of different musicals. I bought it without the coasters off Ebay.