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Phantomesque Movies

What I hope to achieve with these pages is to have a complete list of all Phantomesque movies, from every country, in every language I can find, including whether on VHS, and DVD. I also would like to have screencaps from each version, and the cover art from the different versions, and where to buy

Place de l’Opera, 1st view, 1896, also Place de l'Opera 2nd view, 1896
Directed by Georges Méliès
Running time: ?
Language: French
No cast. This is very interesting. The films are lost to time, but Georges Méliès filmed Place de l'Opera two different views. It would be very interesting to acutally see these. Too bad they are supposedly gone

The Phantom Violin, aka The Phantom of the Violin, 1914
Directed by Francis Ford
Running time: 40 minutes
Language: Silent

  • Grace Cunard - Ellis' wife
  • Francis Ford - Ellis
  • Harry Schumm
  • Duke Worne

Seems to be about a husband, Ellis, (Francis Ford) who's wife leaves him (Grace Cunard) for another man. Ellis becomes insane in hides in a crypt with a secret door where he murders his wife's new lover and then he leaps to his death with his wife in tow. Not sure what a violin has to do with all of this...

Le Fantôme du Moulin-Rouge, 1925
Directed by René Clair
Running time: 90 min
Language: Silent/French

  • Albert Préjean - The reporter
  • Sandra Milovanoff - Yvonne Vincent
  • Paul Ollivier - Dr. Window
  • Madeleine Rodrigue - Jacqueline
  • Georges Vaultier - Julien Boissel
  • Maurice Schutz

This is just...umm weird. A statesman has a daughter who is in love with one guy, but another man blackmails her father so he gives his daughter to this other guy in marriage. The poor lover is depressed, goes to the Moulin Rouge to drown his sorrows, meets a very strange doctor who is able to free the young lover's soul from his body. The young lover has fun playing practical jokes around Paris, but at some point begins to miss his body (and his girlfriend). He discovers the doctor has been arrested so he needs to go save the doctor so he can get back into his body. Seems to be a comedy.

The Phantom of Paris, 1931
Directed by John S. Robertson
Language: English

  • John Gilbert - Cheri-Bibi
  • Leila Hyams - Cecile
  • Lewis Stone - Costaud
  • Jean Hersholt - Herman
  • C. Aubrey Smith - Bourrelier
  • Natalie Moorhead - Vera
  • Ian Keith - Marquis Du Touchais
  • Alfred Hickman - Dr. Gorin

Cheri-Bibi is one of Gaston Leroux's characters. An illusionist is accused of murdering his fiancee's father. He has his face altered to look like the murdered victim's to prove his innocence.

Beauty and the Beast, 1934
Directed by Isadore Freleng (aka Fritz Freleng)
Running time: 8 min
Language: English
This has been on some lists, and although it's not really anything to do with Phantom, I thought it a good idea to add it to clear up what this was really about. This is a cartoon by Warner Brothers (the Looney Toons series). This is almost a Nutcracker type story, A young girl eats too many snacks, falls asleep and ends up in Toyland. She befriends a toy soldier. They sit down to read "Beauty and the Beast" (well really sing a song) when a monstrous beast comes out and tries to take the girl captive. It becomes a brawl between girl and beast. At some point she realizes it's just a bad dream, and jumps back into bed and covers herself with the sheets.No cast is listed, but there is some contention that the young girl in the short is actually Mary Jane.

El Fantasma Del Convento, 1934
Directed by Fernando de Fuentes
Running time: 85 min
Language: Spanish
  • Enrique del Campo - Alfonso
  • Marta Roel - Cristina
  • Carlos Villatoro - Eduardo, her husband
  • Paco Martínez - The Father-Superior
  • Victorio Blanco - A Monk
  • Francisco Lugo
  • Beltrán de Heredia
  • Agustín González
  • José Ignacio Rocha - The Caretaker
This sounds interesting. Three friends get lost during a storm and are guided to an eery monastary by a mysterious stranger. They are told a story about a monk who seduces his friend's wife, and then the monk died. He couldn't find any peace and he returns to his cell. One of the characters witnesses the monk's cursed mummified corpse return to the cell. Alfonse (who witnesses the mummy), passes out. When he awakes, the three friends discover the monastary is only a ruin and tourists visit the corpse of the monk.

The Face Behind the Mask, 1938
Directed by Jacques Tourneur
Running time: 11 min
Language: English

  • George Sorel - King Louis XIII
  • Leonard Penn - Louis XIV, The Man in the Iron Mask
  • Mary Howard - The King's Sweetheart
  • Edward Keane - Nicholas Fouquet
  • Lyons Wickland - Count Matioli
  • John Nesbitt - Narrator

Seems to be a version of the Man in the Iron Mask by Dumas. No more is known about this version at this time.


The Face Behind the Mask, 1941
Directed by Robert Florey
Running time: 69 min
Language: English
  • Peter Lorre - Janos 'Johnny' Szabo
  • Evelyn Keyes - Helen Williams
  • Don Beddoe - Lt. James 'Jim' O'Hara
  • George E. Stone - Dinky
  • John Tyrrell - Watts
  • Al Seymour - Benson
  • Stanley Brown - Harry
  • James Seay - Jeff Jeffries
  • Warren Ashe - Johnson, Reporter
  • Charles C. Wilson - Chief O'Brien (as Charles Wilson)
  • George McKay - Terry Finnegan
A Hungarian (Lorre) becomes disfigured in a fire, and turns to crime and raises enough money to buy an expensive mask.


La Belle et la bête, 1943
Directed by Jean Cocteau
Running time: 96 min / USA:93 min
Language: French
  • Jean Marais - La Bête/The Prince/Avenant
  • Josette Day - Belle
  • Mila Parély - Félicie
  • Nane Germon - Adélaïde
  • Michel Auclair - Ludovic
  • Raoul Marco - The usurer
  • Marcel André - Belle's father


House of Wax, 1953
Directed by André De Toth
Running time: 90 min
Language: English
  • Vincent Price - Prof. Henry Jarrod
  • Frank Lovejoy - Lt. Tom Brennan
  • Phyllis Kirk - Sue Allen
  • Carolyn Jones - Cathy Gray
  • Paul Picerni - Scott Andrews
  • Roy Roberts - Matthew Burke
  • Angela Clarke - Mrs. Andrews
  • Paul Cavanagh - Sidney Wallace
  • Dabbs Greer - Sgt. Jim Shane
  • Charles Bronson - Igor
  • Reggie Rymal - The barker


Man of a Thousand Faces, 1957
Directed by Joseph Pevney
Running time: 122 min
Language: English
  • James Cagney - Lon Chaney
  • Dorothy Malone - Cleva Creighton Chaney
  • Jane Greer - Hazel Bennett Chaney
  • Marjorie Rambeau - Gert a movie extra
  • Jim Backus - Clarence Locan
  • Robert Evans - Irving Thalberg
Movie about Lon Chaney's life. Includes some scenes of them making the Phantom of the Opera.


Eyes Without a Face
aka Les Yeux sans Visage, 1959
Directed by Georges Franju
Running time: 88 min
Language: French
  • Pierre Brasseur - Doctor Génessier
  • Edith Scob - Christiane Génessier
  • Alida Valli - Louise
  • François Guérin - Jacques Vernon
  • Alexandre Rignault - Inspector Parot
  • Béatrice Altariba - Paulette
  • Juliette Mayniel - Edna
  • Charles Blavette - L´homme de la fourrière (as Blavette)
  • Claude Brasseur - Inspector
  • Michel Etcheverry - Forensic surgeon
  • Yvette Etiévant - La mère
A young woman is difsigured in a car accident. Her father kills young women and removes their faces to try and repair his daughter's. She wears a mask in the meantime. It is supposedly remiscent of Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the I don't know.


Beauty and the Beast, 1962
Directed by Edward L. Cahn
Running time:
Language: English
  • Joyce Taylor - Althea
  • Mark Damo - Eduardo
  • Eduard Franz - Orsini
  • Michael Pate - Bruno
  • Merry Anders - Sybil
  • Dayton Lummis - Roderick
  • Walter Burke - Grimaldi
  • Alexander Lockwood - Man


Masque of the Red Death, 1964
Directed by Roger Corman
Running time: 89 min
Language: English
  • Vincent Price - Prospero
  • Hazel Court - Juliana
  • Jane Asher - Francesca
  • David Weston - Gino
  • Nigel Green - Ludovico, Francesca's father
  • Patrick Magee - Alfredo
  • Paul Whitsun-Jones - Scarlatti
  • Robert Brown - Guard
  • Julian Burton- Senor Veronese
There are a few other versions, but this one is considered the best of the lot.


Tanin no kao, aka The Face of Another, 1966
Directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara
Running time: 124 min
Language: Japanese
  • Tatsuya Nakadai - Mr. Okuyama
  • Machiko Kyô - Mrs. Okuyama
  • Mikijiro Hira - Psychiatrist
  • Kyôko Kishida - Nurse
  • Eiji Okada - Mr. Okuyama's boss
  • Miki Irie - Facially scarred young woman
Based on a novel by Kobo Abe. A businessman is facially scarred in a lab fire. He receives psychotherapy from a psychiatrist and recieves a very life-like mask from the doctor.


The Oblong Box, 1969
Directed by Gordon Hessler
Running time: 91 min
Language: English
  • Vincent Price - Sir Julian Markham
  • Christopher Lee - Dr. J. Neuhart
  • Rupert Davies - Joshua Kemp
  • Uta Levka - Heidi, the prostitute
  • Sally Geeson - Sally Baxter, Dr. Neuhart's Maid/Sir Julian Markham's Maid
  • Alister Williamson - Sir Edward Markham
  • Peter Arne - Samuel Trench
  • Hilary Heath - Elizabeth Markham (as Hilary Dwyer)
  • Maxwell Shaw - Tom Hackett
Sir Julian Markham (Price) keeps his disfigured brother locked in a tower


The Abominable Dr. Phibes, 1971
Directed by Robert Fuest
Running time: 94 min
Language: English
  • Vincent Price - Dr. Anton Phibes
  • Joseph Cotten - Dr. Vesalius
  • Virginia North - Vulnavia
  • Terry-Thomas - Dr. Longstreet
  • Sean Bury - Lem Vesalius
  • Susan Travers - Nurse Allen
  • David Hutcheson - Dr. Hedgepath
  • Edward Burnham - Dr. Dunwoody
  • Alex Scott - Dr. Hargreaves
  • Peter Gilmore - Dr. Kitaj


Dr. Phibes Rises Again, 1972
Directed by Robert Fuest
Running time: 89 min
Language: English
  • Vincent Price - Dr. Anton Phibes
  • Robert Quarry - Darius Biederbeck
  • Peter Jeffrey - Inspector Trout
  • Fiona Lewis - Diana Trobridge, Darius' Girl
  • Hugh Griffith - Harry Ambrose
  • John Cater - Sir Wayne Waverley
  • Gerald Sim - Hackett
  • Lewis Fiander - Baker
  • John Thaw - Shavers

Phantom of the Cinema, 1972
Directed by J.X. Williams
Running time: ?
Language: English
Unknown cast.
This is a weird one. There is almost no information on this movie. There is a poster or a cover of a video from Demark that has the name The Phantom of the Cinema written across it, but it is none other than the movie Popcorn. This one is completely different. The director, J.X. Williams seems to be a very private individual, doesn't discuss his movies that often, and they are not even available on video. The prints that are left go for thousands of dollars. This particular film may not have anything to do with Phantom, but I'm intrigued by the director. He's almost Phantom-like himself. You can read more about him here. There is only one image I found but I don't know if it was a poster for the movie, or just some art someone did for it. It can be found at the J.X Williams Archive here. The image is the 3rd one over from the left of the browser screen. It seems like his films may be making a comeback, so there's hope that this may be available on video or DVD at some point.

Beauty and the Beast, 1976 (TV movie)
Directed by Fielder Cook
Running time: 90 min
Language: English

  • George C. Scott - The Beast
  • Trish Van Devere - Belle Beaumont
  • Virginia McKenna - Lucy
  • Bernard Lee - Edward Beaumont
  • Patricia Quinn - Susan
  • Michael N. Harbour - Anthony
  • William Relton - Nicholas
The Elephant Man, 1980
Directed by David Lynch
Running time: 124 min
Language: English
  • Anthony Hopkins - Dr. Frederick Treves
  • John Hurt - John Merrick, 'The Elephant Man'
  • Anne Bancroft - Mrs. Kendal
  • John Gielgud - Carr Gomm
  • Wendy Hiller - Mothershead
  • Freddie Jones - Bytes
  • Michael Elphick - Night Porter
  • Hannah Gordon - Mrs. Anne Treves
  • Helen Ryan - Princess Alex
  • John Standing - Dr. Fox
  • Dexter Fletcher - Bytes's Boy
  • Lesley Dunlop - Nora
Based on a true story.


Mask, 1985
Directed by Peter Bogdanovich
Running time: 120 min / USA:127 min (director's cut)
Language: English
  • Cher - Florence 'Rusty' Dennis
  • Sam Elliott - Gar
  • Eric Stoltz - Roy L.'Rocky' Dennis
  • Estelle Getty - Evelyn
  • Richard A. Dysart - Abe (as Richard Dysart)
  • Laura Dern - Diana Adams
  • Micole Mercurio - Babe
  • Harry Carey Jr. - Red
  • Dennis Burkley - Dozer
  • Lawrence Monoson - Ben
  • Ben Piazza - Mr. Simms
  • L. Craig King - Eric
  • Alexandra Powers - Lisa
  • Kelly Jo Minter - Lorrie (as Kelly Minter)
  • Joe Unger - 1st Boyfriend
Based on a true story. Florence (Cher) has a young son, Roy (Eric Stoltz) who has a deformity which causes his skull to grow abnormally. Florence tries to make Roy's life as normal as possible. Amusingly, she's a biker chick. Very touching story


aka Terror at the Opera, 1987
Directed by Dario Argento
Running time: 107 min
Language: Italian
  • Cristina Marsillach - Betty
  • Ian Charleson - Marco
  • Urbano Barberini - Inspector Alan Santini
  • Daria Nicolodi - Mira
  • Coralina Cataldi Tassoni - Giulia
  • Antonella Vitale - Marion
  • William McNamara - Stefano
  • Barbara Cupisti - Signora Albertini
  • Antonino Iuorio - Baddini (as Antonio Juorio)


Le Maître de musique,
aka The Music Teacher, 1989
Directed by Gérard Corbiau
Running time: 100
Language: French
  • José van Dam - Joachim Dallayrac
  • Anne Roussel - Sophie Maurier
  • Philippe Volter - Jean Nilson
  • Sylvie Fennec - Estelle Fischer
  • Patrick Bauchau - Prince Scotti
  • Johan Leysen - François Manssaux
  • Marc Schreiber - Arcas
  • Alain Carre - Attendant


Batman, 1989
Directed by Tim Burton
Running time: 126 min
Language: English
  • Michael Keaton - Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Jack Nicholson - Joker/Jack Napier
  • Kim Basinger - Vicki Vale
  • Robert Wuhl - Alexander Knox
  • Pat Hingle - Commissioner Gordon
  • Billy Dee Williams - Harvey Dent
  • Michael Gough - Alfred
  • Jack Palance - Grissom
  • Jerry Hall - Alicia
  • Tracey Walter - Bob the Goon
  • Lee Wallace - The Mayor
  • William Hootkins - Lt. Eckhardt
Robert Wuhl explains in the 2-disc DVD special that two members of the production/writing team went to see Phantom of the Opera while they were filming in London roughly 1988 or so. They came back and re-wrote the scene where the Joker takes Vicki Vale up in the bell tower of the church to have the final duel between Batman and the Joker.


Batman Returns, 1992
Directed by Tim Burton
Running time: 126 min
Language: English
  • Michael Keaton - Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Danny DeVito - Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot
  • Michelle Pfeiffer - Catwoman/Selina Kyle
  • Christopher Walken - Max Shreck
  • Michael Gough - Alfred Pennyworth
  • Michael Murphy - Mayor
  • Cristi Conaway - Ice Princess
  • Andrew Bryniarski - Chip
  • Pat Hingle - Commissioner Gordon
This has a very Phantom-y feel to it. You have Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin, who was unloved by his parents. He was raised by penguins. Goes on to live and work in a freak show but then, disappears back into the sewers. You have Batman who is the lonely masked dark knight, then Selina Kyle/Catwoman is the object of the Penguin and Batman's desires, although she's wresling with some inner demons as well. There is a very lovely Masquerade ball which includes a very quick shot of Red Death walking down the stairs right in front of Michelle Pfeiffer.


Dark Avenger aka Metal Face, 1990 (TV Movie; Pilot)
Directed by Guy Magar
Running time: ?
Language: English
  • Leigh Lawson
  • Maggie Han - Rae Wong
  • Robert Vaughn - Commissioner Peter Kinghorn
  • Gregg Henry - Dr. Colin Tremaine
  • Jennifer Savidge
  • Victor Bevine
  • Ken Jenkins
This seems like it was a TV movie for a pilot epsiode on CBS, but it didn't go over too well. An acid-scarred (why are they always scarred by acid or a fire? *sigh*) judge turns avenger with the help of an electronics expert and her crime lab


Edward Scissorhands, 1990
Directed by Sam Raimi
Running time: 105 min
Language: English
  • Johnny Depp - Edward Scissorhands
  • Winona Ryder - Kim
  • Dianne Wiest - Peg
  • Anthony Michael Hall - Jim
  • Kathy Baker - Joyce
  • Robert Oliveri - Kevin
  • Conchata Ferrell - Helen
  • Caroline Aaron - Marge
  • Dick Anthony Williams - Officer Allen
  • O-Lan Jones - Esmeralda
  • Vincent Price - The Inventor


Darkman, 1990
Directed by Sam Raimi
Running time: 96 min
Language: English
  • Liam Neeson - Peyton Westlake/Darkman
  • Frances McDormand - Julie Hastings
  • Colin Friels - Louis Strack Jr.
  • Larry Drake - Robert G. Durant
  • Nelson Mashita - Yakitito
  • Jessie Lawrence Ferguson - Eddie Black
  • Rafael H. Robledo - Rudy Guzman


Darkman II: The Return of Durant 1994
Directed by Bradford May
Running time: 96 min
Language: English
  • Larry Drake - Robert G. Durant
  • Arnold Vosloo - Darkman/Dr. Peyton Westlake
  • Kim Delaney - Jill Randall
  • Renée O'Connor - Laurie Brinkman
  • Lawrence Dane - Dr. Alfred Hathaway
  • Jesse Collins - Dr. David L. Brinkman
  • David Ferry - Eddie Scully, Durant Henchman
  • Jack Langedijk - Rollo Latham, Durant Henchman & CEO Inter-City Land Development
  • Sten Eirik - Whitey, Durant Henchman


Darkman III: Die Darkman Die, 1996
Directed by Bradford May
Running time: 87 min
Language: English
  • Jeff Fahey - Peter Rooker (Chairman, Rooker Inc.)
  • Arnold Vosloo - Darkman/Dr. Peyton Westlake
  • Darlanne Fluegel - Dr. Bridget Thorne
  • Roxann Dawson - Angela Rooker (as Roxann Biggs-Dawson)
  • Nigel Bennett - Nico (Rooker's #1 henchman)
  • Alicia Panetta - Jenny Rooker (daughter)
  • Ronn Sarosiak - Mack
  • Peter Graham - Joey (Rooker henchman)
  • Shawn Doyle - Adam (Rooker henchman)


Disney's Beauty and the Beast, 1991
Directed by Gary Trousdale
Running time: 84 min / 91 min (special edition)
Language: English
  • Robby Benson - Beast (voice)
  • Jesse Corti - Lefou (voice)
  • Rex Everhart - Maurice (voice)
  • Angela Lansbury - Mrs. Potts (voice)
  • Paige O'Hara - Belle (voice)
  • Jerry Orbach - Lumiere (voice)
  • Bradley Pierce - Chip (voice) (as Bradley Michael Pierce)
  • David Ogden Stiers - Cogsworth/Narrator (voice)
  • Richard White - Gaston (voice)
  • Jo Anne Worley - Wardrobe (voice)


Popcorn aka The Phantom of the Cinema, 1991
Directed by Mark Herrier
Running time: 91 min
Language: English
  • Jill Schoelen - Maggie
  • Tom Villard - Toby
  • Dee Wallace-Stone - Suzanne
  • Derek Rydall - Mark
  • Malcolm Danare - Bud
  • Elliott Hurst - Leon
  • Ivette Soler - Joannie
  • Freddie Simpson - Tina (as Freddie Marie Simpson)
  • Kelly Jo Minter - Cheryl
  • Karen Witter - Joy
  • Ray Walston - Dr. Mnesyne
  • Tony Roberts - Mr. Davis
  • Scott Thompson - Bearded Guy
  • Will Knickerbocker - Landlord/Warden
  • Ethan Ormsby - Two Headed Guy
Stars Jill Schoelen of the Robert Englund Phantom of the Opera fame


Rigoletto, 1993
Directed by Leo D. Paur
Running time: 98 min
Language: English
  • Alison Breinholt - Georgie
  • Dalin Christiansen - Dallin Avery
  • Frank Gerrish - Papanickolas
  • Josh Goodwin - Tommy
  • Ryan Healey - Porter
  • Natalie Hill - Singer #1
  • John Huntington - Hans
There are so many different versions..I'm just listing this one.


The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993
Directed by Henry Selick
Running time: 76 min
Language: English
  • Danny Elfman - Jack Skellington (singing)/Barrel/Clown with the Tear away Face (voice)
  • Chris Sarandon - Jack Skellington (voice)
  • Catherine O'Hara - Sally/Shock (voice)
  • William Hickey - Dr. Finkelstein (voice)
  • Glenn Shadix - Mayor (voice)
  • Paul Reubens - Lock (voice)
  • Ken Page - Oogie Boogie (voice)
  • Ed Ivory - Santa (voice)


Man Without a Face, 1993
Directed by Mel Gibson
Running time: 114 min
Language: English
  • Mel Gibson - Justin McLeod
  • Nick Stahl - Charles E. 'Chuck' Norstadt
  • Margaret Whitton - Catherine Palin
  • Fay Masterson - Gloria Norstadt
  • Gaby Hoffmann - Megan Norstadt
  • Geoffrey Lewis - Chief Wayne Stark
  • Richard Masur - Prof. Carl Hartley
  • Michael DeLuise - Douglas Hall, Gloria's Boyfriend
  • Ethan Phillips - Todd Lansing
  • Jean De Baer - Mrs. Lansing


Powder, 1995
Directed by Victor Salva
Running time: 111 min
Language: English
  • Mary Steenburgen - Jessica 'J.C.' Caldwell
  • Sean Patrick Flanery - Jeremy 'Powder' Reed
  • Lance Henriksen - Sheriff Doug Barnum
  • Jeff Goldblum - Donald Ripley
  • Brandon Smith - Deputy Harley Duncan
  • Bradford Tatum - John Box
  • Susan Tyrrell - Maxine
  • Missy Crider - Lindsey Kelloway
  • Ray Wise - Dr. Aaron Stripler
  • Esteban Powell - Mitch
  • Reed Frerichs - Skye
This is a sweet tale. Jeremy (Sean Patrick Flannery) is a teen who looks different (he's completely white--powder colored) and has no hair anywhere on his body. He's considered a freak by the town he lives in. He also has special powers--magnetic type energy that scares everyone.


The Man in the Iron Mask, 1998
Directed by Randall Wallace
Running time: 132 min
Language: English
  • Leonardo DiCaprio - King Louis XIV/Philippe
  • Jeremy Irons - Father Aramis the Priest
  • John Malkovich - Athos
  • Gérard Depardieu - Porthos
  • Gabriel Byrne - Capt. D'Artagnan
  • Anne Parillaud - Queen Mother Anne
  • Judith Godrèche - Christine Bellefort
  • Edward Atterton - Lt. Andre
  • Peter Sarsgaard - Raoul
You may be wondering what is this movie doing in 'Phantomesque! There's no disfigured genius, but there is a man in a mask, (Phillippe) and there are two characters with the names of Christine and Raoul. This is based on the Dumas book of the same name. It takes many liberties with the plot, but it's basically the same story, Louis XIV has a twin brother (Phillippe, also a Phantom name) who is kept in an iron mask all the time. The Three Musketeers (Athos, Porthos, D'Artagnan and Aramis--okay Four Musketeers) work to free Phillippe from the mask and put him on the throne instead of Louis. Lots of fun and intrigue. Don't know why I like this version, but I do


Belphégor - Le fantôme du Louvre, 2001
Directed by Jean-Paul Salomé
Running time: 97 min
Language: French
  • Sophie Marceau - Lisa/Belphégor
  • Michel Serrault - Verlac
  • Frédéric Diefenthal - Martin
  • Julie Christie - Glenda Spender
  • Jean-François Balmer - Bertrand Faussier
  • Patachou - Geneviève
  • Lionel Abelanski - Simonnet
  • Françoise Lépine - Suzanne Dupré
  • François Levantal - Mangin
  • Jacques Martial - Félix
Paris, today. A mummy with the capacities malefic will give rise to a phantom named Belphégor which, the fallen night, will haunt the museum of the Louvre whose pyramid became the universal symbol. Broken windows, scrambled video monitoring, neutralized warning systems, catch Egyptian objects... In turn alarming and human, this phantom has all the audacities and seems invincible. There also seems to be a TV series I found on containing 4 episodes...from 1965.


Hellboy, 2004
Directed Guillermo del Toro
Running time: 122 min / USA:132 min (director's cut)
Language: English
  • Ron Perlman - Hellboy
  • John Hurt - Trevor 'Broom' Bruttenholm
  • Selma Blair - Liz Sherman
  • Rupert Evans - John Myers
  • Karel Roden - Grigori Rasputin
  • Jeffrey Tambor - Tom Manning
  • Doug Jones - Abe Sapien
  • Brian Steele - Sammael
  • Ladislav Beran - Karl Ruprect Kroenen
  • Biddy Hodson - Ilsa (as Bridget Hodson)
  • Corey Johnson - Agent Clay
  • Kevin Trainor - Young 'Broom'
  • Brian Caspe - Agent Lime
  • James Babson - Agent Moss
  • Stephen Fisher - Agent Quarry
More of a Beauty and the Beast type story, but very well-done.


Kingdom of Heaven, 2005
Directed Ridley Scott
Running time: 145 min
Language: English
  • Martin Hancock - Gravedigger
  • Michael Sheen - Priest
  • Nathalie Cox - Balian's Wife
  • Eriq Ebouaney - Firuz
  • Jouko Ahola - Odo
  • David Thewlis - Hospitaler
  • Liam Neeson - Godfrey
  • Philip Glenister - Squire
  • Orlando Bloom - Balian
  • Bronson Webb - Apprentice
  • Kevin McKidd - English Sergeant
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Village Sheriff
  • Steven Robertson - Angelic Priest
  • Marton Csokas - Guy de Lusignan
  • Alexander Siddig - Nasir
  • Edward Norton - King Baldwin
The character of King Baldwin wears a mask.