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Phantom of the Opera TV Shows

Fantasma de la ópera, 1960 (TV show) (Argentina)
Directed by Narciso Ibáñez Menta and Marta Reguera
Running time: 60 min
Language: Spanish

  • Narciso Ibáñez Menta - Eric, The Phantom
  • Beatriz Día Quiroga - Cristina, The singer
  • Juan José Edelman - The Persian
  • Adolfo Linvel - Opera's Manager
  • José María Langlais - Raoul de Chagny
  • Noemí Laserre - Carlota

Neat little tidbit: The interior shots of the Palais Garnier were shot in Theater Colón of Buenos Aires. It was also one of the greatest successes of 1960 in Argentina. It also might be the first televised Phantom program.

Star Trek (Original Series): "Is There No Truth in Beauty?" Season 3 Ep 7 Aired Oct. 10, 1968
Directed by Ralph Serensky
  • William Shatner - Captain James T. Kirk
  • Leonard Nimoy - Lt. Cmdr./Commander Spock
  • DeForest Kelley - Lt. Cmdr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy, M.D.
  • Grace Lee Whitney - Yeoman Janice Rand
  • James Doohan - Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott
  • George Takei - Lt. Hikaru Sulu
  • Nichelle Nichols - Lt. Uhura
  • Walter Koenig - Ensign Pavel Chekov
  • Majel Barret - Nurse Christine Chapel
  • Diana Muldaur - Doctor Miranda Jones
  • David Frankham - Larry Marvick

Scooby Doo, Where Are You? "The Backstage Rage" 1969
Directed by William Hanna, Joseph Barbara

  • Don Messick - Scooby-Doo
  • Frank Welker - Freddy
  • Stefanianna Christopherson - Daphne
  • Casey Kasem - Shaggy
  • Nichole Jaffe - Velma

A mysterious puppet master is pulling the strings to lead the gang into another mystery adventure.

Night Gallery, "Phantom of What Opera?", Season 2, Ep 1.1, Aired Sept. 15, 1971
Directed by Gene Kearney

  • Leslie Neilsen - The Phantom
  • Mary Ann Beck - The Soprano

This is about a 20 minute episode. It was combined with two other episodes. It's not out on DVD yet (though I think it was put on VHS at one point, although those are long out of print. The Phantom leads beautiful soprano down into his lair. She takes off his mask then he turns around to choke her...then makes a shocking discovery of his own, something to make a Phantom shudder. I like this episode It's quite cute. I hope the makers of Night Gallery do decide to put the rest of the seasons out on DVD so this episode can be seen again. Season 1 is already out, and it is said if it did well, they'd put the rest of them out.

The New Scooby Doo Movies, "The Phantom of the Country Music Hall" 1972
Guest Starred Jerry Reed
The group spends a night at the Grand Ole Opry and it turns out to be a haunting experience.

Wonder Woman, "Phantom of the Roller Coaster (part 1 & 2)" Season 3, Ep 58-59, Aired Sept. 4 & 11, 1979
Directed by John Newland
  • Lynda Carter - Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
  • Richard Eastham - General Philip Blankenship
  • Norman Burton - Joe Atkins
  • Beatrice Colen - Prvt. Etta Candy
  • Jared Martin - David & Leon Gurney
  • Marc Alaimo - Pierce
  • Ike Eisenmann - Randy
  • Fred Lerner - Kirk
  • Craig Littler - Thorpe
  • Joseph Sirola - Harrison Fynch
  • Jocelyn Sommers - Ms. Patrick
  • Jessica Rains - Secretary
  • Mike Kopcha - Sergeant
  • Judith Christopher - Receptionist
Part 1: A phantom lurks in the subterranean passages beneath the thrill rides at Fun Universe.
Part 2: Two spooks at Fun Universe: the phantom and a spy who's determined to set up a surveillance operation.

The Elephant Man, 1982
Directed by Jack Hofsiss
Running time: 90 min
Language: English

  • Philip Anglim - John Merrick
  • Kevin Conway - Frederick Treves
  • Penny Fuller - Mrs. Kendal
  • Richard Clarke - Carr Gomm
  • Glenn Close - Princess Alexandra
  • Jarlath Conroy - Will
  • Rex Everhart - Snork
  • Christopher Hewett - Ross
  • William Hutt - Bishop How
  • Charlotte Moore - Miss Sandwich
  • Josephine Nichols - Countess
  • David Rounds - Lord John
  • Veronica Castang - Pinhead
  • William Duff-Griffin - Conductor
  • Joe Grifasi - Pinhead Manager

This was an amazing adaptation. I remember seeing it on ABC's ABC Theatre of the Month in 1982-1983 as a kid. I found it an interesting idea not to have Philip Anglim (John Merrick) in full body makeup, instead he distorted his body to give the impression that he was deformed.

Muppet Babies, "Beauty and the Schnoz" Season 5, Ep. 62, Aired Sept. 17, 1988
  • Frank Welker - Voice of Kermit/Beaker/Skeeter)
  • Greg Berg - Voice of Fozzie, Scooter
  • Laurie O'Brien - Voice of Piggy
  • Howie Mandel - Voice of Animal/Bunsen/Skeeter
  • Katie Leigh - Voice of Rowlf
  • Barbara Billingsley - Voice of Nanny
  • Russi Taylor - Voice of Gonzo, Robin
  • Dave Coulier -Voice of Uncle Waldorf
Piggy learns that beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers, "Case of Stage Blight," Ep. 26, Aired Oct. 16, 1989
Directed by John Kimball & Bob Zamboni
The Rangers go to the opera but discover a 'phantom' in the sewers--an aligator who seems to like to act.


Muppet Babies, "Sing a Song of Superheroes", Season 7, Ep. 94, Aired Sept. 29, 1990

  • Frank Welker - Voice of Kermit/Beaker/Skeeter)
  • Greg Berg - Voice of Fozzie, Scooter
  • Laurie O'Brien - Voice of Piggy
  • Howie Mandel - Voice of Animal/Bunsen/Skeeter
  • Katie Leigh - Voice of Rowlf
  • Barbara Billingsley - Voice of Nanny
  • Russi Taylor - Voice of Gonzo, Robin
  • Dave Coulier -Voice of Uncle Waldorf

The muppet babies put on a a "superhero opera" while Nanny tries to watch the "Phantom of the Opera"

Night Court, "A Guy Named Phantom (part 1 & 2)" Season 9, Ep 172 & 173, Aired Sept. 18 & 25, 1991
Directed by Jim Drake

  • John Larroquette - ADA Reinhold "Dan" Fielding
  • Denice Kumagai - Quon Lee Robinson
  • Harry Anderson - Judge Harold T. Stone
  • Richard Moll - Bull Shannon
  • Charles Robinson - Mac Robinson
  • Markie Post - Christine Sullivan
  • Marsha Warfield - Rosalind "Roz" Russell
  • William Utay - Will Sanders
  • Raye Birk - Frank Pepitone
  • Gilbert Gottfried - Oscar Brown

Harry and Christine are both confused over their feelings for each other, but before they can work them out, the deranged Dan kidnaps Christine at a courthouse costume party. These are beginning to be put out on DVD...but only the first season is out so far. But, this will be on TVLand on December 13th 7:30pm EST

Beauty and the Beast TV Series Aired 1987-1990
Created by Ron Koslow
Language: English
  • Linda Hamilton - Catherine Chandler
  • Ron Perlman - Vincent
  • Roy Dotrice - Father (Jacob Wells)
  • Jay Acovone - Deputy D.A. Joe Maxwell
  • David Greenlee - Mouse
  • Zachary Rosencrantz - Zach
  • Ritch Brinkley - William
This was an awesome series when it was on. It got a littl weird after Catherine and Vincent had a child, and Catherine was killed, (I stopped watching it about that time. All the shows before that though, were great. The show doesn't seem to be on DVD. It is on VHS, but the tapes are no longer being made One should be able to find them through used shops, ebay etc.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon: "Phantom of the Sewers" Season 6, Ep 136, Nov. 30, 1992
This episode includes a character who is a mysterious figure, wearing a long black cape, black fedora, white face mask, and known only as the Pantom, makes an appearance, terrifying alarmed patrons. The Turtles investigate to see what this is all about

Highlander, The Series Season 1, Ep 16 "The Beast Below", Aired Mar. 3, 1993
Directed by: Daniel Vigne
Running time: 60 min
Language: English
  • Adrian Paul - Duncan MacLeod
  • Alexandra Vandernoot - Tessa Noël
  • Stan Kirsch - Richie Ryan
  • Amanda Wyss - Randi MacFarland
  • Christian Van Acker - Ursa
  • Dee Dee Bridgewater - Carolyn
  • Werner Stocker - Darius
A mysterious death at the Paris Opera re-acquaints Duncan MacLeod with one of the strangest Immortals he has met in his many travels over the centuries. Ursa is a hulking giant -- more beast than man -- who Duncan rescued from persecution centuries ago, delivering him to sanctuary in an abbey. The abbey has long since been destroyed and Ursa now lives under Paris. He has become enamored of a past-her-prime opera singer who tries to use Ursa's innocent soul to murder her rival.

Goosebumps: Phantom of the Auditorium, Episode 7, Aired Dec. 1, 1995
Directed by John Bell

  • Jessica Moyes - Brooke Rogers
  • Boyd Banks - Mr. Johnson
  • John Bayliss - Mr. Levy
  • Fink - Emile
  • Philip Eddolls - Corey Sklar
  • Julie Annis - Tina Powell
  • Kathryn Greenwood - Ms. Walker
  • Stuart Stone - Brian Colson
  • Shawn Potter - Zeke Mathews

The TV show of the same name as the R.L. Stine book. Don't know what it's like, though...Brooke and Zeke have parts in their school play The Phantom. They both take their job very seriously until strange things start happening to the production -- messages mysteriously appear on parts of the scenery, a stage light falls and nearly hits Brooke -- is there a real Phantom living under the stage. Some of the episodes are on DVD, but alas, this isn't one of them.

Wishbone Pantin' at the Opera, Ep. 37, Aired 1995
Wishbone tells the story of the Phantom of the Opera. He plays Raoul. This series aired on PBS, was roughly 30 minutes long, and was about the adventures of a little Jack Russell Terrier named Wishbone who had a very wild imagination. The show's purpose was to encourage children to read. The premis of the show usually had Wishbone as the hero in some classic novel, play or short story. This particular episode doesn't seem to be available on VHS (well I can't find it) but it seems that this series is going to DVD now.

Beetleborgs, "The Phantom of Hillhurst," Season 1, Ep. 34, Aired Mar. 27,1997

  • Wesley Barker - Drew McCormick/Blue Stinger Beetleborg
  • Herbie Baez - Roland Williams/Green Hunter Beetleborg
  • Shannon Chandler - Jo McCormick/Red Striker Beetleborg
  • Brittany Konarzewski - Jo McCormick/Red Striker Beetleborg
  • Billy Forester - Flabber
  • Vivian Smallwood - Nano
  • Kim Delgado - Aaron
  • Channe Nolen - Abbie
  • Todd Hurst - Trip

Anatole, "Phantom of the Cheese", Aired October 1998
Anatole must deliver a gift of cheese to celebrated opera singer Madame Leblanc. Gaston must overcome his terrible fear of the Phantom of the Opera to help Anatole deliver the cheese. Their cheese is stolen, and it all points towards the Phantom Anatole and Gaston give chase, only to find out that the mouse-sized Phantom is really a young singer named Rene.

Scooby Doo Le Fantôme de l'Opéra de Pékin Vol 3, 2005 TV--This one from France
Distributed by Warner Brothers Kids
Language: French
At this time, I don't know anything more about it....