Phantom of the Opera - Actors D-Z


D'Ambrosio, Franc
Franc D'Ambrosio's Broadway
2004 LML Music  LML CD 176
in print

Frangoulis , Mario

  • Sometimes I Dream
    2002 Sony
    in print

  • Fergari Erotevmeno (Moon in Love-Live in Iera Odo)(2 CD's)
    2002 Sony International
    in print
    Note: I think this one also goes by the name of Acropolis (Live) by Musicrama, Inc (2002) but is only a one disc

  • Follow Your Heart
    2005 Sony
    in print

Freeman, Ethan
With You
in print

Gaines, Davis

  • Against the Tide
    1996 LAP Records, Inc
    in print
  • All My Tomorrows Songs of Sammy Cahn
    1999 LAP Records
    out of print

Gaschen, David
Let Me Sing and I'll Be Happy
in print

Goebel, Alexander

  • Der nackte Wahnsinn
    in print
  • Emannzipation
    in print

Groenendaal, Cris
Always-Music for Our Children
Sun Dial
in print

Guest, Rob

  • Standing Ovation
    1991 Thom Marketing 468969-2
    out of print

    1997 Thom Marketing 488648-2
    out of print

Robert Guillaume

  • This is the Moment
    1996 A.R.T.S. Records
    in print/limited availabilty

  • The Phantom of the Opera (with Elizabeth Stack)
    1996 A.R.T.S. Records
    out of print

Hoffmann, Peter
in print

Hyslop, Jeff
Jeff Hyslop
1996 Westgem Shows, Inc SOCAN
out of print

Jeszke, Jerzy
Who Am I? (4 Tracks)
out of print/limited availability

Not much more is known about that album. If you go to you can hear some demos from an album it looks like he's getting ready to release. The above 4 tracks EP contains four songs from Les Miserables in German.

Karimloo, Ramin
Within the Six Square Inch
2004 Ramin K Productions Ltd
in print

Karrie, Peter

  • Theatrically Yours
    1996 (?) Fog and Gas Records
    out of print/limited availability
  • Unmasked
    1998 Fog and Gas Records
    in print/limited availability
  • Peter Karrie sings Bernard J. Taylor Songs from the musicals
    in print

Keegan, Ted
Ted Keegan Sings
2000 Ted Keegan TKS001 CD
in print

Leyton, Jeff
Music Of The Night
in print

LaBrecque, Doug
Opening Doors
in print

Little, Brad
1998 Angels Unlimited
in print

McGillin, Howard
Where Time Stands Still
2001 Howard McGillin
in print

Nicholson, Carla/ Michael
Just Duet

Poort, Henk

  • Where I Want to Be
    1991 Sony Music Entertainment 465995 2
    out of print/limited availability

  • De 3 Baritons with Ernst Daniel Smid, Henk Poort, and Marco Bakker
    2002 CNR Music BV 22 205442
    out of print/limited availability

    Okay, so this doesn't have any Phantom-y songs on it, but I'm listing it, since it has Henk Poort on it and I love this man's voice!

Saar, Raymond/ Diane Ketchie
Broadway Romance
No more information is known at this time

Samuelson, Mikael
Sjunger Musikaler
1995 Polygram 523 735-2
out of print

Schneider, Florian

  • Tenoriginals
    in print

  • Hoch hinauf mit dem Wind
    Offizielle Festhymne des Eidgenössischen Turnfestes 2002 im Baselbiet
    no more information is known at this time

  • Florian Schneider und e Gugelfuehr- anderi Lieder us em Feufliberdaal
    in print look at for more info

Schulze, Thomas
Phantom aus Liedenschaft
1998 JUBALmusic BERLIN LC 01965
in print/limited availability

Schwartz, André
The Musicals
2005 Select Music
in print/limited availability
André is/was one of the men playing the Phantom down in South Africa. I wasn't sure what to expect when I received this album, but WOW What a voice. Reminds me a bit of Anthony Warlow mixed with Michael Crawford. Schwartz sings three Phantom songs on this: Music of the Night, The Phantom of the Opera (with Danielle Smith) and All I Ask of You (again with Danielle Smith).

Broadway's Fabulous Phantoms
in print
This has songs by Howard McGillin, Gary Mauer, Hugh Panaro, Brad Little, Davis Gaines, Steve Barton, Ted Keegan, Mark Jacoby, Kevin Gray, Michael Crawford, & David Gaschen. I own this album, but at the moment I can't find it! It's maddening!

Warlow, Anthony

  • Centre Stage (import)
    1990 Polydor Records 847 4342
    In print
  • On the Boards (import)
    1996 Polygram International #513402
    in print

  • Midnight Dreaming (import)
    1996 Polydor/Polygram
    in print

  • The Main Event with John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John (import)
    1998 BMG Australia Ltd 74321638832
    in print
  • Back in the Swing (import)
    2000 Polydor/Polygram
    in print

  • Face the Music (import)
    2003 Sony
    in print

  • The Best of Act I (import)
    2003 Polydor/Polygram
    in print

Wilkinson, Colm

  • Stage Heroes
    1989 BMG Records 74321-25856-2
    in print

  • Some of My Best Friends Are Songs (import)
    2004 Emi International
    in print

Willetts, Dave

  • On and Off Stage
    1990 Silva Screen Records, Ltd SIL 5902-2
    out of print
  • Stages of Love
    1995 Pickwick
    out of print

  • Timeless
    1996 Big Help
    out of print

  • The Musicals Unplugged
    2004 Dave Willetts Merchandising
    in print