Phantom of the Opera - Orphaned Newspaper & Magazine Articles

This page will hold all of my 'orphaned' newspaper and magazine articles. They are articles that I cannot find an author, or a date, or the publication, or I'm missing a page. As I find them, they'll be moved to the proper categories. Images of the text I have will be put up, and if anyone knows who they are by, and where to find them can email me with the info.


These are in .pdf format.

I do not own the copyrights to any of the articles. They belong to the respective authors and/or publications. They're posted only to find out more information about them. Once the information is found out, they will be removed.


Magazine Articles

Publication: Unknown
Title: Behind this Door
Date: Unknown
Author: Ann Marie Cunningham
I think this might be from Ladies' Home Journal, or maybe Harper's 1988-89?

Publication: Unknown
Title: Dave Willetts: Back Behind the Mask in the West End's Phantom of the Opera
Date: Unknown
Author: James Green
I think this might be something like OK Magazine, or Hello, but I'm not sure. I'm also guessing this is from 1987-88 or so?

Publication: Variety, I think. It's set up like some of the other Variety articles
Title: 'Phantom' is still just that
Date: 1987?
Author: Sharon Rosenthal

Publication: Variety, I think, either that or New York Times
Title: 'Phantom' sales shatter record
Date: October? November? 1987?
Author: Sue Byrom

Publication: Variety, or New York Times. Can't tell which. Leaning towards NYT, though, since the font is similar
Title(s): 'Phantom's' Future Still Up in the Air and Brightman Case Strains U.S.-Brit Legit Relations
Date: June/July 1987
Author(s): Unknown


Newspaper Articles

Publication: Herald Examiner
Date: May or June 1989
Title: Finally  -- The 'Phantom'
Author: Unknown
Article is missing some text, and it's unreadable. Also, this paper went belly up November 1989, so there doesn't seem to be an online database for this paper, sadly.

Publication: New York Post
Title: 'Phantom's' finally here & it's magic
Date: January 27th, 1988 (I think)
Author: Cindy Adams
I'm missing page 26...and would really like to finish up reading this article...*sigh* Database for NY Post doesn't seem to go back to 1988 :(

Publication: New York Post (I think)
Title: Odd one out
Date: Unknown. Year is 1988 (I think)
Author: Unknown. Probaby just a staff writer for the paper.
This one may be also from the 1988. NY Post. It was stapled to the artice above when I got it.

Publication: Unknown
Title: Hollywood's newest sex symbol wears a mask
Date: It's got to be 1989 oor so
Author: Phil Brennan
This may also be the Herald Examiner since I cannot find it anywhere online either.

Publication: Unknown...Says something Express
Title: It's so nice to almost see you, Michael
Date: Friday, March (11th? 25th? 1988)
Author: Unknown
I thought this might be the Daily Express? But it looks like a 'P' in the hand written notes...

Publication: Sunday Times from the magazine insert (I'm 99.999% sure)
Title: Children, Courage and Michael Crawford, A Christmas Story
Date: Unknown..December 17th-January 1st, but year unknown
Author: Donna Leigh-Kile
Missing part of the article.

Publication: Unknown. Possibly Daily Mail...?
Title: Andrew Lloyd Webber Lifts the Curtain on the Separate Rooms of Devoted Love
Date: Gonna guess it's January 25th, 1988
Author: Alasdair Buchan
Missing part of the article. I know the link says Times in mistake...

Publication: Sunday Times from the magazine insert (again, 99.99% sure)
Title: The man behind the Phantom
Date: Unknown
Author: Andrew Duncan
More missing part of the article, sadly

Publication: The Times (Pretty sure on this)
Title: Ghost of a musical
Date: Unknown October 1986, perhaps?
Author: Jim Hiley
Can't tell if I'm missing some of the article, or if it ends with the word 'own.'

Publication: New York Times
Title: Offer Cited in 'Phantom' Cast Dispute
Date: Unknown. June-July 1987?
Author: Unknown

Publication: Unkown. Pretty sure it's the New York Times, though
Title: Dutchess Here for 'Phantom'
Date: January 1988 some time
Author: Unknown

Publication: Unknown. Possibly Daily Mail, or Sun...?
Title: An OBE for Crawford the fantastic Phantom...But co-star Sarah undergoes surgery
Date: June-July 1987?
Author: Unknown

Publication: Unknown. Possibly New York Times
Title: Stagehand is Injured During 'Phantom' Work
Date: October 1987 some time
Author: Unknown. Probably a staff writer of some sort

Publication: Unknown. Something 'Business.' Maybe 'Show Business?' or 'Stage Business?'
Title: Brightman Okayed for "Phantom" on Broadway
Date: Wednesday, July 8, 1987. Vol. XLVI No. 27
Autho: Unknown