Phantom of the Opera - Magazines A-M

Below is a list of magazine article titles (and some of the magazine covers) I have collected over the years. They are in alphabetical order--split into 2 pages for quicker loading, and are in order with the most recent article titles first



Architectural Digest

  • December 1988, p. 134-139, text by Susan Mary Alsop; photos by Derry Moore: La Maison Opera; The Paris Residence of Nicole Toussaint du West. This article is not about the Opera, per se, but about another building that Charles Garnier designed and built. Similar construction.

Asimov's Science Fiction

  • March 1996, p. 44-84, Suzy McKee Charnas: Beauty and the Opera, or the Phantom Beast (short story)

Barbie Bazaar

  • June 1998, p. 37, by Beth Leuck: Gaston Leroux Pens "The Phantom".


  • October 19, 1996, p. ALW-1, by Sheridan Morley: Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Billboard Interview (not specifically on Phantom, on ALW, instead).

Blickpunkt Musical

  • (German) January/February 2003 #01/03, p. 6, Das Phantom der Oper, Premiere im Palladium Theatre Stuttgart


  • September 1988, p. 146-151, by Laurie Winter: Stage Wizard: Maria Bjornson may now be the world's top theater designer.

Da Capo

  • (German) February 2004 #4, p. 44-47, Das Phantom der Oper in Stuttgart, Charisma my Frack und Maske

Dance Magazine

  • April 1988, p. 82 by Kevin Grubb: Phantom Dancers.

Das Musical

(Changes name to Musicals later on)

  • (German) February/March 1990, entire issue devoted to Das Phantom der Oper
  • (German) August/September 1990, p. 14-16, by  G. Knopf: Das Phantom der Oper
  • (German) April/May 1991, p. 10-12, by DM: Phantom: Ein neuer Musical Thriller

Entertainment Weekly

  • March 16, p. 40, by Max Alexander: Forever Phantom: NBC's Miniseries is the Newest member of the Mask Force

Entertainment Design

  • February 2000, p .40-45 by Ellen Lampert-Greaux and David Barbour: 'A Tale of Two Cities; The Theming of the Strip Continues with Paris Las Vegas and The Venetian'. (Okay, so this does not really have much to do with the musical--the article was interesting, and the photos were lovely)
  • February 1988, p. 31-41 by Michael Sommers: Assisting a hit across the Atlantic.
  • January 1988, p. 42-49 by Adam Priani: Martin Levan explores the boundaries, The innovative sounds of Starlight Express and The Phantom of the Opera.

European Travel & Life

  • European Travel & Life January/February 1988, p. 36, by Craig Horowitz: The Phantom and the Chorus Girl.


  • October 1989, #87. p. 48, by Marc Shapiro: The Phantom of the Opera Reborn, part two. Also, in this issue is an ad for Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge.

Hollywood Reporter

  • May 28, 1991, p. S-1, special section dedicated to Phantom: Salute to 'The Phantom of the Opera'

In Theater

  • August 28, 1998, p. 18-20 by Kathy Henderson: Capital Gaines; Davis Gaines returns to the Phantom's underground lair.
  • August 28, 1998, p. 14-16 by Sheryl Berk: Bring Him Home; It took a command performance from friends and family to convince Colm Wilkinson to reprise the role of Jean Valjean.
  • January 30, 1998, p. 18-21 by Sheryl Berk & Kathy Henderson: Masked Men. (Basically this whole magazine is dedicated to Phantom at 10 years old)


  • February 1988, p. 105-105, by Steven Zeller: The Phantom of the Opera: Michael Crawford

KCET Magazine

  • June 1989, p. 9, by Sharon McDonald: under View Points: Stats; Phantom Figures.

KISS Psycho Circus

  • August 1999 vol 3, p. 6 Starbearer and Phantom.


  • February 1988, p. 88-92, by Marilyn Stasio: Changing the Face of Broadway; They don't make musicals like they used to and Andrew Lloyd Webber is one big reason.
  • January 1989 p. 107, small photo of Michael Crawford as Phantom.


  • August 1998, Vol 111 No. 7, p. 55-57 by Loretta Kaufman: Grand Illusions; Special Effects Aren't Just For Movies Anymore--Looks as if Broadway's Got a Few Tricks of Its Own. Here's a Peek at the Latest High-Tech Magis Being Made Along the Great White Way.

M Magazine

  • June 1992, p.75, by Georgina Howell: The Hit Man


  • February 8, 1988, by Larry Black: The Phantom's New Haunt.

Musical Stages

  • Winter 2003, Issue 40, p. 18-19, by Lynda Trapnell: Who is playing Raoul now? Ramin Karimloo, that's who!


(Used to be Das Musicals)

  • (German) December 1991/January 1992, p. 12, by W/ Wigand: Das Phantom der Oper: Ein neues Gesicht hinter der weissen Maske.
  • (German) October/November 1993, p. 4-5, by M. Bezembinder: The Phantom of the Opera: Andrew Lloyd Webbers Hit-Musical in Scheveningen.
  • (German) December 2002/January 2003, p. 8, by Angela Reinhardt: Das Phantom der Oper

The Musicals Collection

  • Entire little booklet dedicated to Phantom, came with CD. Published by Orbis.