Phantom of the Opera - Newspapers FL-NE

Below are newspaper article headings from various newspapers from around the United States, and some international ones, too. They are broken down by state/country, and sorted with the most current date I have towards the top.




The Bradenton Herald
  • December 15, 2000, p. 16, by Richard Dymond: To be Part of 'Phantom' is to be Part of History
  • February 25, 1994, p. W16, by Eydie Cubarrubia: Phantoms
  • June 6, 1999, p. 2, by Barbara Molloy: Humanity of 'Phantom Emerges from the Mists of Golden Apple's Stage
  • October 5, 1997, p. P1, by Jo Anne Klement: 'Phantom a Roller Coaster Ride of Sight, Sound and Emotion
  • August 30, 1996, p. W10, by Carlos Galarza: Manatee Players Begin Season with 'Phantom'
The Miami Herald
  • July 12, 1992, p. 2, by David Kidwell: Phantom Coming 2 years Ahead of Schedule
  • Friday, February 8, 1991, p. 1BR, by Charles E. Hecker: Singing Praises of Phantom; Musical Pulling in Business for Variety of Firms.
The Palm Beach Post
  • November 28, 2000, p. 4D, by Hap Erstein: 'Phantom' Gets Top-Notch Treatment, Hollow 'Phantom' Gets Lush Treatment
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
  • December 27, 2000, p. E8, by Kay Kipling: 'Phantom' Irresistible to Audiences
  • December 17, 2000, p. G1, by Jay Handelman: Diverse, Complex Characterize 'Phantom'
  • October 24, 1999, p. 3B, by Naomi Donson: 'Phantom' Haunts Broadway Palm Stage
  • May 21, 1999, p. 20, by Jay Handelman: Apple's 'Phantom' has Mezmerizing Power
  • May 14, 1999, p. 20, by Jay Handelman: 'Phantom' Rematerializes at the Golden Apple
  • May 2, 1999, p. 1G, by Jay Handelman: Barbara B. Mann Hall Presents Broadway Season
  • March 13, 1999, p. 2A, by ? 'Phantom' Fever: KISS Guitarist Puts on the Mask
  • October 6, 1998, p. 2A, by ? Actor Gaines Marks Performance 2,000
Tallahassee Democrat
  • February 21, 2000, p. A1, by Kati Schardl: Singer Takes Fame Beyoned 'Phantom' Role
  • January 22, 1999, p. 15F, by Kati Schardl: FSU Theater Grad Davis Gaines Returns for Concert. The Broadway Star will Sing at Ruby Diamon Auditorium to Raise Money for Music Theater Scholarships
  • September 19, 1996, p. 2B, Gini West: Broadway Star Lights up Tallahassee Stage
  • September 13, 1996, p. 6D, by Mark Hinson: 'Phantom' Lends Voice to Alma Mater\Despite His Broadway Success, FSU Grad Davis Gaines Says He Finds Musical Theater "Weird."
  • June 16, 1995, p. 21D, by Steve MacQueen: 'Phantom' May Improve with Practice
The Tampa Tribune
  • December 23, 2000, p. 4, by Joanne Milani: 'Phantom' is a Non-Stop Feast for the Senses
  • December 17, 2000, p. 10, by Joanne Milani: From Horror to Hunk
  • September 6, 1999, p. 2, Compiledby Mike O'Neill: On the Boards
Vero Beach Press Journal
  • November 22, 2000, p. C3, by ? Trip Available to 'Phantom of the Opera'


Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
  • August 17, 2001, p. T5, by Sandra Okamoto: Leroux's Famed 'Phantom' Comes to Live at the Fox
  • March 2, 2001, p. A10, by Sandra Okamoto: The Lurk of Love
The Macon Telegraph
  • May 22, 1998, p. 20, by Elizabeth Copeland: Country Gothic Country Take-Off on 'Phantom' Doesn't Disappoint
  • September 20, 1996, p. 4, by Dan Maley: The Masked Man


The Honolulu Star-Bulletin
  • May 11, 2001, by Tim Ryan: No Holding Back on Broadway Tunes, Veteran of Opera, 'Phantom' and 'Les Miz,' Craig Schulman Joins the Symphony Pops for a Medley of Songs from His Favorite Musicals
  • May 22, 2000, by John Berger: Leads Triumph in DHT's Passionate Dramatic 'Phantom'
  • May 18, 2000, by Tim Ryan: Phantastic: diamond Head Theatre Stages an In-depth Look at the Masked Man and his Obsession in 'Phantom'
  • March 27, 1997, by ?: 'Phantom' or 'Fourm' Groenendaal Speaks






The Wichita Eagle
  • February 16, 2001, GO! p. 1B, by Bud Norman: 'Phantom' Returns in its 'Other' form -- The Musical "Phantom" Playing Tonight and Saturday, at Century II is by a Broadway Hitmaker, but it's Not Andrew Lloyd Webber


Lexington Herald-Leader
  • November 17, 2000, p. 8, by Rich Copley: Chasing Stardom Fame Eludes Accomplised Broadway Tenor
  • October 15, 2000, p. J1, by Rich Copley: The Other White Mask Alternae 'Phantom' Develops Characters More, Depends Less on Special Effects


The Advocate (Baton Rouge)
  • March 25, 2001, p. 21 Mag, by Anne Price: Phantom More About Characters than Spectacle, it's Writers Say
  • December 23, 1997, p. 8-a, by Laurie Smith Anderson: 'Phantom' is Enchanting
Lagniappe (a part of Times Picayune)
  • Friday, January 6, 1995, p. 18, by Richard Dodds: Broadway Legends Caps Career With Phantom.




The Boston Globe
  • Friday, July 17, 1992 Backstage, by Kevin Kelly: Bringing Down the Lights on 'Phantom' Finale.


The State News (MSU's Independent Voice)
  • Friday, April 12, 1996, p. 1, by Lynda Twardowski: 'Phantom' Finally comes to Haunt 'U'.
What's On (part of the Lansing State Journal)
  • April 11, 1996, p.  4, by Mike Hughes: The Wharton Center Welcomes the Pageantry and the Passion of One of Musical Theater's Biggest Productions.


Saint Paul Pioneer Press
  • October 29, 2000, Showtime, p. 10E, by Dominic P. Papatola: Beast in Show/When 'Beauty and the Beast' Rolls Into the Minneapolis Orpheum, it will be a Homecoming for Two of the Show's Prominent Actors
  • Wednesday, July 7, 1993, p. 1, by Ann Merrill: 'Phantom' Has $23.6 Million Economic Impact on St. Paul.
Star Tribune: Newspaper of the Twin Cities
  • November 8, 2000, Variety, p. 01E, by Rohan Preston: Making Him MONSTROUS; Fangs, horns, and a hairy nose help transform Minnesota-born actor Grant Norman into "The Beast" without erasing his humanity



Kansas City Star
  • October 14,  2001,  p. I1, by Robert Trussell: The $3 Billion Musical: Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Phanom' is the Most Commercially Succesful Show of All Time
  • March 13, 1997, FYI section: Phantom was back to Kansas City. (with Brad Little) Article on Phantom fans.
  • July 21 1996, Arts section: The other 'Phantom'. This was a local production of the show by Arthur Kopit and Maury Yeston.
  • November 6, 1994, p. I-4 by Robert Butler: Evolution of the Phantom. Huge section (Section I on Phantom-- since it was coming to Kansas City, MO in 1994) Grant Norman was the Phantom.



Daily Nebraskan
  • Monday, November 4, 1996, by Ann Stack: Symphony Stirs Orpheum; Breaks Silence of'Phantom'. (for the 1925 silent film score, not ALW's version.)
Lincoln Journal
  • March ? 1991--article is not dated: by Charles Champlin: 'Phantom' Re-Created for Television. (Unfortunately it is not a really nice review!)
Sunday World-Herald (Omaha)
  • June 10, 1990, front page of the Entertainment section by Jeff Bahr: 'Phantom' Will Haunt the Orpheum. (about the Ken Hill version of the Phantom--not the best production)