Phantom of the Opera - Newspapers TX-WY

Below are newspaper article headings from various newspapers from around the United States, and some international ones, too. They are broken down by state/country, and sorted with the most current date I have towards the top.



Austin-American Statesman
  • September 4, 2001, p. 1E, by Sondra Lomax: Phantoms of a Broadway Star (Death of Steve Barton)
  • AAS Chocolate Phantom Masks January 21, 1998, Life and Food Section: Unmasking the Dessert Plate; The Phantom of the Opera inspires chocolate delicacies (shows how to make a white chocolate mask).
  • January 21, 1998, Special Section on the Phantom.
  • January 22, 1998, (XL Entertainment section) p. 22. by Michael Barnes: A 'Phantom' Guide: Everything you need to know about attending the mega-musical without anxiety.
The Dallas Morning News
  • September 29, 2000, by Lawson Taitte: 'The Phantom of the Opera'
  • September 23, 2000, by Tom Sime: Grand 'Opera' -- Phantom's Music is as Captivating as Ever
  • July 24, 1998, by Lawson Taitte: Show Captures Spirit of 'Phantom'
  • July 13, 1997, by Tom Sime: Pipes Dream: Gaines' Voice Leaves Nothing to Wish For
  • September 1, 1996, by Tom Sime: 'Phantom' Star Goes Maskless: Gaines Plays troubadour with the Pops Orchestra
  • September 5, 1995, by Helen Bryant: A Dancing Phantom? You Betcha
  • September 4, 1995, by Tom sime: Phantasia: 'Phantom of the Opera' Filled With Thrills and Chills
  • September 1, 1995, by Jerome Weeks: Masked Man and More: 'Phantom' and 'Circus' Come to Town
  • August 27, 1995, by Tome Sime: 'Phantom' Wins a Mother's Love
  • February 14, 1995, by Lawson Taitte: This Good Effort Falls Just a Little Flat: Performers Can't Meet the Operatic Challenges Posed by 'Phantom'
  • February 22, 1994, by Jerome Weekes: 'Phantom' Lurks Again: Future Attractions Outshine '94 Summer Musical Lineup
  • December 10, 1993, by Dan Cox/Variety: Lloyd Webber Has Big-Screen Ideas
  • October 22, 1993, by Jerome Weeks: Stage Spirits: Offstage, Local Theaters Have Ghost Stories of Theier Own
  • April 11, 1993, by Jerome Weeks: The Secrets of the Phantom: 'Phantom' Special Effects: Just How Did They Do That?
  • March 26, 1993, by Jerome Weeks New and Improved Phantom: Hilsabeck Brings a More Impressive Voice to the Role
  • March 21, 1993, by Robert Miller: Gym Dandy Garage, Lithograph Sales Too Appealing to Miss
  • March 19, 1993, by Jerome Weeks: The New Phantom: Understudy Gets Role in Touring Musical
  • March 17, 1993, by Lawson Taitte: Phantom Flies Off to 'Saigon;' Two Understudies to Alternate in Role Until Decision Mace
  • March 14, 1993, by Jerome Weeks: Critic's Iron Misses the Mark for Some; Readers Mistakenly Interpret a Review of 'Phantom of the Opera' as Postive
  • March 12, 1993, by Barbara Kessler: Fathoming the Opera: Webber Musical at Fair Park Expected to Outdraw Other Big Events By Far
  • March 7, 1993, by Helen Bryant: Phantom Tricks of the Trade
  • March 4, 1993, by Jerome Weeks: 'Phantom' Fluff Grand Effects, Simplistic Lyrics Lend Touring Show a Touch of Hollywood
  • February 28, 1993, by Lawson Taitte: Behind the Mask: Andrew Lloyd Webber Fans Unite!
  • February 28, 1993, by Jerome Weeks: How 'Phantom' Won Fame in Hollywood was Instrumental in Story's Success.
  • February 28, 1993, by Jerome Weeks: Behind the Mask: It All Started With a Big, Dark Scary Building Filled With Stories. For 'Phantom,' the Rest is History
  • February 28, 1993, by Robert Miller: 'Phantom' Will Have Tangible Economic Impact in City
  • February 26, 1993, by Harry Bowman: This Masquerade: 'Phantom' and its High-Tech Spectacle Take Flight at Fair Park on Sunday
  • February 16, 1993, by Jerome Weeks: A Ghost of a Chance for Tickets
  • February 13, 1993, by Alan Peppard: Designer with 'Phantom'
  • August 26, 1992, by Lawson Taite: A New, Improved Phantom: Casa Manana Show isn't the Mega-Hit Version -- But it's First-Rate Just the Same
  • June 9, 1991, by Jerome Weeks: 'The Phantom' Will Finally Swoop into Dallas in March 1993
  • March 14, 1991, by Jerome Weeks: Can't Mask Balderdash; Bad 'Phantom' falls Short of Lloyd Webber
  • January 1, 1991, Compiled by Bob Tinsley: People
  • May 16, 1990, by Harry Bowman: 'The Phantom' Rises Again on Greenville
  • March 22, 1990, by Harry Bowman: The Fun 'Phantom:' A Comic Cast Gives the Gothic Tale a Sense of Humor
  • March 19, 1990, by Jane Summber/Special Contributor: Double Bill: Two Ross Milloy Projects Are on the Screen This Week
  • March 18, 1990, by Ed Bark: Charles Dance Plays a Foppish 'Phantom' in a New NBC Version
  • January 20, 1990, by Jerome Weeks: The Other 'Phantom' is Coming to Dallas
  • November 14, 1989, by Bob Strauss/Los Angeles Daily News: A Shocker With a Touch of Class: 'Phantom of the Opera is a Good Old, Gut-Wrenching Horror Flick
  • June 6, 1988, by Jerome Weeks: 'M. Butterfly' Wins Tony: 'Phantom of the Opera Takes Seven Awards
  • May 28, 1988, by Wire Report: People: Brightman Leaving 'Phantom'
  • January 31, 1988, by Jerome Weeks: 'Phantom Lives Up to its Billing
  • March 23, 1987, by New York Times News Service: Shubert Theater Lands 'Phantom of the Opera:' Staging the London Musical Will Require Costly Remodeling
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • April 14, 2000, p. 22, by Perry Stewart: Gaines Electrifies Bass Hall
  • September 24, 2000, News, p. 27, by Ashley Cheshire: Set Designs Steals Show in Fair Park 'Phantom'
  • October 29, 2000, p. 10, by Star-Telegram: Creep Show: The Phantom of the Opera
San Antonio Express-News
  • July 18, 2001, p. 1G, by Susan Yerkes: Phantoms of the Stage? A Pair of Eerie Summer Surprises
  • July 20, 2001, (Weekender) p. 21H, by Deborah Martin: Creepy Sort of Romance 'Phantom Back in San Antonio for Another Run
  • July 26, 2001, by John Griffin: A Majestic Feast for Patrons
  • July 27, 2001, (Weekender) p. 23H, by Deborah Martin: Stage: 'Phantom' Here to Stay
  • July 27, 2001, (Weekender) p. 33H, by John Griffin: A Majestic Feast for Patrons
  • July 31, 2001, p. 4D, by Deborah Martin: Just-Right Characterizations Keep 'Phantom' in Tune
  • August 3, 2001, (Weekender) p. 22H, by Deborah Martin: Stage: 'Phantom' Power
  • August 10, 2001, (Weekender) p. 21H, by Deborah Martin, Staging a Majestic Transformation 'Phantom' Requires Theater's Renovation
  • August 13, 2001, p. 2D, by Staff; Calendar--gives times for Phantom
  • August 16, 2001, p. 1F, by Deborah Martin: He Has a Lock on Big 'Phantom' Wigs
  • August 17, 2001, (Weekender) p. 24H, by Deborah Martin: Stage: 'Phantom' Comes Alive!


The Salt Lake Tribune
  • Sunday, March 24, 1996, p. 1E; the Arts, by Nancy Melich: A Sensual 'Phantom'.



The Columbian (Vancouver)
  • October 15, 1999, p. 4, by D. Michael Heywood: Theater Still Center Stage in London
  • July 14, 1997, p. 11, by Brett Oppegaard: 'Phantom' Glitzy, But Story Thin Apparition
  • July 3, 1997, p. A11, by Brett Oppegaard: A Longing to Belong
Puget Sound Business Journal
  • November 6-12, 1992, p. 1, by Linda Williams: 'Phantom' Sets Stage for Boost to Hotels, Others.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • March 27, 2000, p. D3, by Mary R. Martin: 'Phantom' is here - but Part of it is Missing
  • November 26, 1999, p. 21, by Joe Adcock: Cohenour Gets a Second Chance as Lily in 'The Secret Garden'
  • December 4, 1992, p. 7, by Joe Adcock: A Stage Specter: This 'Phantom' is real thing.
The Spokesman-Review (Spokane)
  • March 19, 2000, p. D1, by Amy Cannata: 'Phantom' Gold Downtown's Month-Long Run of 'The Phantom of the Opera' Leaving Merchant's With a Smile
  • March 19, 2000, p. F3, by Jim Kershner: Going Gaga for 'Phantom'
  • March 7, 2000, p. D7, by Jim Kershner: Both Phantoms Give Money's Worth
  • March 2, 2000, p. D1, by Jim Kershner: 'Phantom' Face Lift - The Mask is Passed From Brad Little to Ted Keegan - Starting With Tonight's Performance of 'Phantom of the Opera'
  • February 27, 2000, p. B2, by Jim Kershner: 'Phantom' Offers Well-Seasoned Superlative Cast
  • February 20, 2000, p. F3, by Jim Kershner: Phantom's Farewell Brad Little Will End His Reign as Phantom Right in the Middle of the Play's Spokane Run
  • February 18, 2000, p. 2, by Jim Kershner: Spokane has Seen Nothing like 'Phantom'
  • February 13, 2000, p. F3, by Jim Kershner: Two Actors Will Don Mask of Phantom
  • February 13, 2000, p. F1, by Jim Kershner: The House of 'Phantom' - Spectacular Paris Opera House is Very Much Part of this Famous Story
  • September 9, 1999, p. D1, by Jim Kershner: A Dramatic Dare: Is Spokane Ready for Three of the Biggest Stage Productions of All Time in One Season? Cameron Mackintosh, the Man Behind Them All, Thinks So
  • Marcy 11, 1999, p. D1, by Jim Kershner: 'Phantom Will Arrive in 2000; Spokane Lands Andrew Lloyd Webber Opera

West Virginia


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Friday, July 12, 1996 p. 15E Cue, by Allison Hantschel: The 'Phantom A to Z.
  • Thursday, July 18, 1996, p. 1E Cue, by Mary Carole McCauley: Phantom Throws its Weight Around.
  • Wednesday, August 14, 1996, p. 1E Cue, by Catherine Fitzpatrick: Costume Couture; Mask, Cape, Action! High Drama Backstage at 'Phantom'.