Phantom of the Opera - Newspapers AL-DC

Below are newspaper article headings from various newspapers from around the United States, and some international ones, too. They are broken down by state/country, and sorted with the most current date I have towards the top.


Birmingham News
  • February 11, 2001, p. 01-F, by Alec Harvey: Beauty & Amp
  • April 4, 1999, p. 01-F, by Nancy Raabe: ASO Won't Give Up its Dates for 'Phantom'



The Arizona Republic
  • May 7, 1999, Preview, D10, by Kenneth LaFave: Other 'Phantom' Still Haunts Theatre Outside Broadway
  • December 13, 1999, Life, D5, by Kyle Lawson: 'Phantom' Cast Chosen



Contra Costa Times
  • July 5, 1999, p. D04, by Robert W. Welkos: Row Growing Over 'Phantom' Role
Daily News of Los Angeles
  • May 8, 2001, p. L11, by Nancy Hewitt: Cool Stuff Meeuw-sic of the Night
  • September 6, 1998, p. L2, Letters to the Editor; LA Life
  • September 1, 1998, p. L5, by Rob Lowman: Phantastic Streak
  • August 28, 1998, p. L16, by Reed Johnson: Davis Gaines Unmasked
Daily News Daily News: LA Life
  • Tuesday, February 13, 1990, p. 17 by Daryl H Miller: 'Phantom's' Monstrosity.
LA Weekend Daily News: LA Life Weekend
  • Friday, May 19, 1989, p. 22 by Tom Jacobs: 'The Phantom' Theatre's '80s hit is a love story, not a chiller.
  • Friday, May 19, 1989, p. 23 by Tom Jacobs: Prince abdicates Broadway.
Calendar Los Angeles Times:  Calendar
  • Sunday, May 21, 1989, p. 6, by Sylvie Drake: Don't Cry for Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  • Sunday, May 21, 1989, p. 7, by Barbara Isenberg: Big Bucks --Music to the Ears of Backers.
  • Sunday, May 21, 1989, p. 7, by Kevin Thomas: The Phantom's Lon Career in Motion Pictures.
Los Angeles Downtown News
  • April 24, 1989 (vol. 18 No. 17) p. 1 by Jack Skelley: A Home for the Phantom.
LA Weekend LA Weekend (Part of the LA Herald Examiner)
  • Friday, May 19, 1989, p. 6 by Richard Stayton: L.A. catches Phantomainia; The secrets behind the obsession.
  • Friday, May 19, 1989, p. 7 by Susan King: Backstage--The ordeal of 'Opera'.
  • Friday, May 19, 1989, p. 7 by Susan King: Gaston Leroux book has been a hit a the movies.
Orange County Register
  • July 11, 2000, p. f4, by Paul Hodgins: Not Such a Hair Role: STAGE: It's a Beautiful Thing to be a Beast, Just Ask Grant Norman
  • December 20, 1998, p. F24, by Dan Glaister: The Phantom of the Musical? Analysis: Why Isn't Andrew Lloyd Webber Hot Anymore? The Answer May Lie Within the Fate of the Musical
  • Orange County Register Friday, May 26, 1989, p. 6 by Thomas O'Connor: A magic touch with musicals.
The Press-Enterprise (Riverside)
  • December 15, 2000, p. AA21, by Devorah L. Knaff: Powerful voices resonate in 'Phantom of the Opera
  • October 22, 1999, p. 18, by Mark Muckenfuss: Shining Start: Redlands son Brad Little Enlivens 'Phantom'
  • September 1, 1998, p. C14, by T. E. Foreman: Long-Running Story of 'Phantom ' Still Pleasing
  • August 21, 1998, p. AA15, by The Press-Enterprise Staff Writer Fan-Tastic Phantom
Press Telegram (Long Beach)
  • October 6, 1998, p. A10, by Press Telegram Wire Services: 2,000 Times a Phantom
The Sacramento Bee
  • December 17, 2000, p. EN29, by Mel Shields: 'Phantom' plays in Reno, but Don't Expect Webber
The San Francisco Examiner
  • January 4, 1999, by Jane Ganahl: One Final Curtain Call: Five Years to the Day After Opened in San Francisco, Long Stage Run of 'The Phantom of the Opera' Finally Comes to a Close
San Jose Mercury News
  • May 24, 2000, p. 18E, by Karen D'Souza: No Chandelier Falls, but Kinder, Gentler 'Phantom' is Flat
  • January 4, 1999, p. 1B, by Mark De La Vina: 'Phantom' Closes After 5-year Stint


Daily Camera (Boulder)
  • November 14, 1997, p. 18D, by patric Dorn: Theater - 'Phantom'
  • October 31, 1997, p. 16D, by Camera Theater Critic: Cover/'Phantom'
  • Januayr 13, 1997, p. 6A, by Jay Dedrick: 'Phantom' Still Sets the Standard
The Denver Post
  • October 7, 1992, p. 1D, by Woody Paige: Fans Can't Get Final Act Together
  • September18, 1992, p. 4F, by Sandra Dillard-Rosen: Ascot 'Phantom' Looks Fine, but Performance Wavers Between Campy and Serious
  • September 17, 1992, p. 3-E, by Sandra Dillard-Rosen: Heritage Square 'Phantom' a Delicious Spoof
  • June 21, 1992, p. 5D, by Sandra Dillard-Rosen: Ascot's Rose to Tour as Raoul's Understudy in 7-City 'Phantom'
  • May 3, 1992, p. 3D, by Sandra Dillard-Rosen: Ascot will Present Version of 'Phantom'
Rocky Mountain News
  • January 5, 2000, Local, p. 4A, by Manny Gonzales: 'Phantom' Reveals 'Other Deformity'/Actor Describes to Elementary Students How He Had to Seek Help to Deal With His Dyslexia
  • December 2, 1999, Entertainment/Weekend/Spotlight, p. 7D, by Lisa Bornstein: Who is That Masked Man? Another Actor Makes the Phantom His Own
  • December 4, 1999, Local, p. 74A, by Thom Wise: Newest 'Phantom' Haunts Like None Before


The Hartford Courant
  • Wednesday, October 18, 1995, p. A1, by Dee Segel: 'Phantom' Delivers Music of Cash Registers Ringing.


District of Columbia

The Washington Post
  • Sunday, February 11, 1996, p. G1, by David Richards: The Mega-Music Man; Cameron Mackintosh, the Man Who Brought Spectacle to the Stage.
  • June 6, p. c1, by David Richards: 'Phantom,' 'M. Butterfly' Top Tonys, Lloyd Webber Musical Wins 7, Hwang's First is Best Play Pick
  • May 10, 1988, p. e1, by David Richards: 'Phantom,' 'Woods' Top Tony Field, 'Anything Goes' Revival Lands 10 Nominations
  • April 10, 1988, p. g1, by Joe Brown: The Broadway Album-Cast in a New Light
  • April 3, 1988, p. g1, by Joseph McLellan: To Follow the Phantom: Andrew Lloyd Webber at Work on an Intimate New Opera
  • March 29, 1987, p. x10, by Richard Grant: Phantoms of the Opera
  • March 22, 1988, p. d3, by Chuck Conconi: Personalities
  • January 27, 1988, p. d1, by David Richards: The Seductive Spell of 'Phantom;' in N.Y., a Marriage of Thrills & Pathos
  • January 24, 1988, p. g1, by Megan Rosenfeld: Phantom: Fanfare of the 'Opera' Hyping the Megahit
  • January 21, 1988, p. f1, by John Eaton: Andrew Lloyd Webber that 'Cat's Meow' is a Phantom Talent
  • December 6, 1987, p. f1, by David Richards: Great Expectations: How Big Events Upstage Smaller Pleasures